10 Best 2014 EDM Songs



EDM has been the fastest and newest growing trend for the past 5 years. And its not stopping anytime soon.

With Soundcloud worth more than $700 Million and over 40 Million registered users, EDM, electronic music and EDM artists have never been more popular. The EDM monopoly’s in the EDM Industry dont make it any easier for underground EDM Artists to get recognition, As a majority of the biggest EDM news websites are already owned by them. Not us.

The sad fact is that this industry has nothing to do with art anymore. We’re living in a landscape where PR firms, booking agents, managers, labels, and websites are collaborating to convince fans that their product holds value, regardless of whether or not it’s good. Dozens of genres produced by hundreds of next-level artists are being systematically pushed to the side. Fans don’t question it because they’re expecting their trusted resources to be handing them the best and most relevant music. The pool of people that control placement and flow (and ultimately the audiences) will get smaller and smaller.


Lets change that, You can help.

We take pride in supporting the underground EDM scene and upcoming underground EDM artists as our reputation here at EDM Ranks relies solely on exposing our readers to the best electronic dance music and Intelligent, Creative EDM news.

Here is our Top 10 Best 2014 EDM Songs list, We hope this helps give more exposure to the underground EDM Artists as well as give our fans and readers some new music to listen to from EDM artists on our network. These electronic songs are all different genres so there should be something here for everybody, If not every single song.

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10. CMA Music – Tomorrow’s Another Day

If god had a theme song, This might be it. With some of his music being very similar to the EDM dubstep artist Blackmill, CMA Music has a certain way of connecting with you on a whole new entire level by reaching in deep to your mind, body and soul. Click play and you will understand.


9. Zinity – Rage

Zinity is a young upcoming EDM artist ranked in our Top 100 DJs list with a plethora of EDM songs all in different genres and styles of music. Something very rare to see an EDM artist so diverse these days.


8. ConvulsicLove Space

This American dubstep producer always has a trick up his sleeve.

A song every dubstep fan will love, Convulsic journeys through the music video and he keeps seeing a Digital Vixen, Who he eventually picks up with the car. They drive into the city having a good time and make a stop at a store, Where the digital vixen (Kaja) begins kissing another female; infecting her and putting her into a state of ”digital hypnosis”. Watch the video below to find out more.


7. Tyko – Skyfall

Tyko always creates a variety of unique house music like never heard before, Skyfall is a perfect example of this progressive house producers unique style to create a soothing chill out tropical house type vibe, As well with tech house songs that will destroy the club.


6. Trendmonster – Rising Moon

Having many awesome progressive house songs Rising Moon is just another day at the office for Trendmonster. Trendmonster is always creating melodic EDM songs with catchy and unique melodies. With hits like Diving Chords, Life, & Driver,  Trendmonster has collaborated with House Music Legend Dr. Kucho on the single “Istanbul to Russia” in January 2013, Which became a huge hit.

Trendmonster is supported by Dr Kucho, Robbie Rivera, Tiesto, Chuckie, Justin Testa, and many others across the globe.

5. Marlon Sadler – Summertime Bliss

Marlon Sadler is a UK Electro producer producing some very unique progressive house/electro. Marlon’s first sets were playing jungle/D‘n’B on Kool FM Midlands and some local gigs. At 17 Marlon relocated back to his hometown and had a quick change of genres over to the house and garage scene playing under the DJ moniker Marleez. It wasn’t long before he took up residency at clubs Essence and Gatehouse in Derby. Marlon departed from drum and bass and switched over to experiment with sets in the soulful house music genre. A guest appearance on House FM led to more opportunities to play on Dance FM. Summertime Bliss is yet another song that will get stuck in your head.


4. Jorge Ballesteros – Encounters Of The Third Kind

A minimal house and techno king, Jorge has some of the best techno you will hear. If you want something that will go hard to dance to Encounters Of The Third Kind is your techno song.


3. Esquadra – Position Only

Releasing quality minimal and house music song after song, This Spanish duo Equadra is always one upping themselves. With a sound similar to Stimming and deep house music blowing up Esquadra is on their way to the top EDM Chart list.


2. Xplicid – Visionz

This is a song that will get stuck in your head for days, weeks, months.. Produced by XplicidVisionz is a personal favorite and is a song you definitely need to hear. This happy big room progressive house song will keep you pressing replay over and over again.


1. Coracle – Come Alive

Perfect for the beach this coming summer 2015, Coracle’sCome Alive” is a house song with happy warm vibes. This deep house chill out beach style house music tops Kygo’s tropical house by far. This is another song that will get stuck in your head and keep you clicking replay over and over.

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