Top 10 EDM Songs and Artists Trending In 2019

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With the worlds Top 100 DJs and edm song charts being more popular than ever, does anyone take time to listen to the upcoming and underground artists?

Here is a list of the best Top 10 edm songs trending right now in 2019. You can listen and stream them right here all inside this page. These songs are all different edm genres so you are sure to find something you like in here. Below we have compiled the best list of edm artists and djs right now for 2019, so check it out!

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#10 Four Hands – ‘Nevia’ – (Original Mix)

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For those of you who love Techno and Minimal/Tech House you will love Four Hands! Alex and Marcel make the edm duo ‘Foud Hands’ and are from Mainz, Germany.

Get it? Two people…. = four hands. The famous SOLOMUN (Diynamic Records) has supported the duo and played their track ‘Darwin’ at major EDM festivals like BPM music festival in Mexico.

This German edm artist duo has super crafty techno and tech house songs that will make you sit up and take note.


#9 Jack Trades – ‘High’ – (Original Mix)

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Jack Trades is a Canadian edm artist with a long list of hit songs.

Jack produces mostly Deep, Dance-pop, Progressive, Big Room & Future House.

He has released deep house, progressive house and Dance pop records with Ride Recordings (Blackhole), Peak Hour Music & Deephour Music. Blackhole is one of the first labels Tiesto signed with when first starting his career.


#8 Carvin –  ‘Magic’ – (Original Mix)

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Carvin is an Argentina based edm artist.

He produces mostly future house, and deep house, with influences from Daft Punk, Justice, Madeon, and Tchami.

“Magic’ keeps an amazing groove and energetic rhythm through this entire song, it starts chill but then later explodes into a full on dance track.


#7 Rioo – ‘That Night’ – (Original Mix)

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Rioo if a Canadian/American duo with one artist being in Montreal, Canada, and the other in Los Angeles,California.

The vocals on ‘That Night’ will stay in your head for days, if not weeks. Pretty good for two producers who dont even produce in the same room as each other. That’s right they produce in two different countries by using audio project files in the cloud.


#6 Gianni Kosta – Sirius (Ft. Belle) (Original Mix)

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Gianni Kosta has released many remixes for Spinnin records, but ‘Sirius’ is one of his original deep house songs. You will keep singing this over and over for days on repeat.


#5 Tyko – ‘The Light’ (Original Mix)

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Tyko released his first progressive house/ house song debut album ‘Universal Language‘ in 2014, since then he has been working on various projects and songs but has not released any new music, until recently.

Below is one of his recent songs. Check out his profile with the ‘view profile’ button to find his other exclusive song releases that can only be found here on EDM Ranks.


#4 Klaas – ‘Close To You’ (Anatol Cyberia Remix)

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ANATOLCYBERIA - Klaas - Close To You(Anatol Cyberia Remix)

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Russian producer Anatol Cyberia has many amazing edm songs.

Now living in Germany, Anatol Cyberia’s  remix of Klaas’s ‘Close To You’ is just another one of his many great songs.

This deep house song will keep you jumping and moving anywhere you listen to it at, your car, house or club. Anatol Cyberia always delivers. Dont forget to like this song and follow Anatol to show your support!


#3 Freaks n Beatz – Monster (ft. Frankie C) (Tropical House Remix)

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FREAKSNBEATZ - Freaks\'n\'Beatz - Monster (feat. Frankie C.) (Tropical Radio Edit)

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Freaks and Beatz produces mostly hard hitting Future Bass, Drum and Bass and Dubstep.

Of the many remixes that ‘Monster’ has, Freaks n Beatz also produced a tropical house version of the song. So when we heard they did a tropical version remix we had to check it out!

Dont forget to like this song and follow Freaks n Beats to show your support!


#2 Subaholics – ‘Hit My Heart’ (Original Mix)

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SUBAHOLICS - Subaholic\'s - Hit My Heart (Original Mix)

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Exploding the edm charts in 2018 and coming in at #1 edm artist/DJ for the year, Subaholic’s has an endless list of hit edm songs.

‘Hit My Heart’ is just another Subaholic’s masterpiece that is doing great in the charts at the moment.

Click ‘view profile’ to listen to more of his songs on his page.

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#1 Andrew Gabriel – ‘Air’ (Original Mix)

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ANDREWGABRIEL - 3. Andrew Gabriel - AIR (Original Mix)

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Andrew Gabriel hails from Texas, America.

This American edm artist is serious about his productions and brings many quality tunes to the table.

He has come a long way from being ranked at Top 1860 DJs/Producers, to Top 1000, to Top 100, and now Top 10 with his new song ‘Air’ and ‘Living in a Plane‘.

This is one talented artist who has a specialty for making addictive edm songs rhythms, and grooves.

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