Top 15 Funniest EDM Memes for Producers


Since electronic dance music became more popular, so did the EDM memes.

We collected some of the funniest EDM memes that producers, DJs and fans can enjoy and get a good laugh at. We hope to not offend anyone with these memes because at the end of the day its all just for fun and games to give you something to do on your slow day at work. Enjoy.

15. Deep House
Deep House EDM Meme

With the deep house genre trending worldwide lately I think it’s safe to say we all love deep house, but when water floods a house to the point its REALLY a deep house in water, then that might be a problem.

14. I Use FL Studio14

Yes, yes, we have all heard this one before.

Times when a producer will announce that they use FL Studio and people laugh.

While FL Studio is a completely functioning digital audio workstation to make music and used by many professionals (though not common) it is often seen to be inferior to other music production programs as it is very common with beginners.

This gives Fruity Loops studio a bad name as beginners dont always make the best EDM at first. But the real key is to understand its not what you use, its how you use it.

There are many famous professional producers and DJs who use Fruity Loops, Afrojack being one. So next time you diss something make sure you know what your talking about!

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13. Its All About The Money.
EQ Meme

There’s no doubt the software manufacturers are always trying to invent the next best thing to produce music with. But at times they take it way too far.

How many times have you seen tutorials where the company or producer is doing some crazy line graphs with his EQ? In real life these dramatic EQ situations rarely arise and need for such an intricate EQ.

12. Collab? 12

Theres no doubt a dude with a guitar will always bring the ladies, but a singer will always bring more. According to this meme, but what about when it’s an electronic music producer?

11. Reverse Snare Into Snare Got Me Feeling Like11

We know a reverse snare into a snare always makes for a better drop with more energy, but check out those eye brows, that might be one drop too big to handle.

10. When There’s 3 DJsOne Aux Cord Multiple Djs Meme

We all love to have control of the auxiliary cord when in the car, but what happens when you have a car full of DJs?

9. The Bedroom Life Of A ProducerProducer Memes

Producers, this ones for you. We all know its true. The sacrifices we make to produce music.

While EDM fans and ravers just show up at an EDM festival or open the Spotify App and begin listening to music, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes to create that music you are hearing.

Producers spend hours, weeks, months and years on end producing electronic dance music songs that will stand the test of time and sound good not just for today but in another 25 or 50 years. Missing out on many social events such as EDM festivals, parties, raves and more is just the nature of the beast.

8. The Producers Struggle8

This one directly correlates to #7 above, producers must constantly fight between where time is spent. With family and friends, or in the studio.


7. When Your Dead And Forgot To Mix The Snare7

Still trying to get that clean mix? It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a dedicated producer come back alive after being dead and trying to improve the sound even more.


6. DJ Carnage “Very way more stronger”6DjCarnagewaymorestronger

For those who missed it, DJ Carnage did an 808 drum kit production tutorial on Youtube and it ended up being probably the funniest music tutorials of all time. Not only was he using improper English but the tutorial was a bit awkward as he was also caught using a pirated version of a popular VST software. Check it out then this DJ Carnage meme will make “very way more stronger” sense to you.


5. The Car Test


Nothing is better than when you just completed an awesome sounding song and you want to hear it on a different sound system and see if it still sounds the same. Sometimes it sounds the same and that’s great news, other times it can sound completely different and horrible having us second guessing our purpose in life.


4. Making Music Is Expensive4

Unless your stealing and pirating all your software online, You know that making music is expensive. Not only can one VST easily cost $100 and more, music tools and equipment can also run in the tens of thousands of dollars for professional speakers, keyboards, synths and software. All so one person can buy it and illegally re-release it to the world for free. Just another reason that proves producers do it for the love not the fame.


3. When You Show Someone A New Song And They Talk Through The Whole Thing.3

We have all experienced this one first hand, usually in the car, and as it can be very funny along with very annoying. Friends and family do us all a favor, when some one is showing you a new song.. just listen. Discuss it after.


2. Why Dont You Answer Me?2

Any girlfriend or boyfriend (yes there is female producers now too!) dating a producer should understand this meme.

Sometimes when producers get into things we just cant stop, especially if its a promising song that is really sounding good and you have many ideas to use on it. There is no time to text, talk or browse the web. These ideas and song must get finished!

…other times the speakers are just up too loud and we cant hear the phone ring. Or see it vibrate.


1. Bruh, Check my Soundcloud.

Last but not least is #1…

BRO Check My Soundcloud

Bruh check my Soundcloud (insert link here) is something im sure we have all seen at some point in time from some DJ or Artist.1

All though the phrase can be very annoying to fans DJs and Artists sometimes think its the best way to promote themselves. You cant blame them! the internet is getting crowded fast and standing out only gets harder with everyday that passes.

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