Top 3 Brands Spending Millions on ‘EDM’


When the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) trend hit America, the music and its festivals exploded into a large boom as business leaders and corporations in America wanted a piece of the multibillion dollar EDM industry.

Thanks to millions of dollars from corporations advertising each year, EDM has been integrated with pop and mainstream, making EDM a big part of the American culture now to what hip-hop was in the 1990’s. But which brands take most of the responsibility as being the industry’s biggest backers? Check out the chart below.

big edm brands

As you can see, Anheuser Busch is in 1st place with $35 million in spending on EDM.

7up is in 2nd place with $20 Million, and T-Mobile is in 3rd place with $10 Million.

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Source: Billboard

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