51 Best EDM News Articles From 2015


2015 has been an incredible year for EDM (electronic dance music), So incredible that years ago everyone was asking, What is EDM?

Today, everyone is wondering, When will EDM die? Well, we are far from the death of EDM, as EDM is just getting started.

Over the past years EDM Ranks has kept a very close eye on all the EDM news in the industry, like we always do. But this year is the first that we decided to make top 51 best EDM news articles list. This EDM news list of some of the best articles will be interesting and useful to both EDM artists, DJs and fans.

So here is an overview of the 51 best EDM news articles for 2015. Check out the top 51 best EDM news articles of the year 2015 below.

51. 5 Best Different Types of Compression and How to Use Them

5 Best Different Types of Compression and How to Use Them

Compression and side chain compression can be a very complicated step for audio engineers at all skill levels, But once mastered, Song compression can be one of the most powerful and magical tools in a producers arsenal.

Learn 5 ways DJs and producers use compression the correct way to produce electronic music. Once you know how to compress your songs correctly and use all of these techniques, it’s really impressive the way you can improve your songs.

50. Produce EDM With Stimming

Produce Unique Electronic Music with Stimming

Watch as the technically and highly organized electronic music and house producer Martin Stimming gives Electronic Beats TV a tour of his audio gear in this Slices Tech Talk. Stimming’s production set-up is based around Cubase and more various analogue processors and synthesizers.

49. How To Can Make a DJ Booth From IKEA Parts

diy dj table

Are you looking for the perfect Dj booth? Why not build your own for cheap. DJ puzzle shows us how to build a DIY DJ booth from local IKEA store parts.

48. Top 3 Brands Spending Millions on ‘EDM’

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

When the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) trend hit America, everyone was wondering what is EDM?

EDM took America by storm with its EDM festivals that exploded into a large super epic parties of thousands and thousands of people in places like Las Vegas, Ibiza and other places throughout the world. Business leaders and corporations in America didnt take long to catch on to all the eyeballs and attention that EDM was getitng and wanted a piece of the multibillion dollar EDM industry.

Thanks to millions of dollars from corporations advertising each year, EDM has been integrated with pop and mainstream, making EDM a big part of the American culture now to what hip-hop was in the 1990’s. But which brands take most of the responsibility as being the industry’s biggest backers?

47. How To Play Your EDM As Live Performances?

How To Play Your Studio Productions As Live Performances?

Regardless of the genre we work and produce music in, at some point, most of us will ask, how can I take my electronic music studio productions and play them as live performances?

46. Massive Crowd Rushes Gates at Wireless Festival [Video]

Massive Crowd Rushes Gates at Wireless Festival [Video]

The 2015 Wireless Music Festival had a big surprise this year, A energetic crowd of of uninvited guests barged their way in by pushing repeatedly on the gates.

At first, two festival security guards try to hold the gate closed, but they don’t make it for very long. The fans keep pushing more violently making the security guards abandon the gate for their own safety.

45. Top 100 Free VST Plugins for EDM Producers & DJs

Top 100 best freevst plugins

It doesn’t matter if you are an established producer/DJ or just starting to learn how to produce electronic music, You will always need to stay on top of the software tools that are available to you as they can help boost your creativity, save money, help improve your sound, and much more.

Producing music 20 years ago on a computer wasn’t so common, today millions of people are producing electronic music on their own, without a professional high end studio to record. One of the most common questions asked by new EDM producers and DJs is “what software and VST plug-ins do you use?”

44. David Guetta Sued For $6 Million, Accused of Stealing His #1 Song

david guetta lawsuit

Andre Dudek is suing EDM superstar DJ David Guetta for the alleged illegal sampling of the song “Illuminations” from the 1980’s. The lawsuit also extends to Sam Martin and the record labels Warner Music and Atlantic Records. But the song “Illuminations” wasn’t copyrighted until 2015, and David Guetta’s song “Dangerous” was released in October 2014.

43. Deadmau5’s Cover of Jack Ü – “Where Are You Now”

Deadmau5 trolls ultra 2014

Deadmau5 trolls Jack U with a “Where Are You Now” cover uploaded on his Soundcloud account, commenting “Still needs mastering… but i think its pretty good”

42. The “End of EDM” In 2015, Is the Real Beginning of EDM

edm is not dead

The day has come in EDM where 9 year old kids DJ as headliners at the worlds top EDM festivals, Reality TV personalities become superstar DJs, Porn stars turn DJs, and Paris Hilton Makes More Money DJ’ing Than Deadmau5 & Tiesto, Combined.

Lots of people think this is the end of EDM. Many speculate they know when EDM will die. So, Is EDM dead? The short answer is, No. Not even close. 2015 will be the ‘End of EDM’ which in turn, will actually be the beginning of EDM. What does that mean? EDM is not dead, it’s just evolving.

41. Producing Deep House Music with Stimming

learn how to produce deep house with stimming pyramid

Learn to Produce Deep House Music with Stimming at his Pyramid Studio production seminar, Using Ableton, Mashine, and Cubase as he shows what software he is using for producing his music.

40. How to get signed on a Major EDM Record Label

get signed on major edm record label

Other than having great sounding EDM songs everybody loves to listen to, There are a few more things an underground EDM artist will need to do in order to get signed to a major EDM record label and have a successful DJ/Producer career.

39. EDM is a $7B industry. What Is EDM? How did EDM get so popular?

how did Electronic Dance Music get so popular?

There’s no doubt that EDM (electronic dance music) is the fastest-growing music right now. With superstar Top 100 DJs like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiësto leading the pack, electronic dance music’s popularity has exploded in the past decade.

38. FREE Online DAW: Digital Audio Workstation


This free online daw, mostly for novice producers, Can help jumpstart a beginning electronic DJ/producer’s interest and help them learn music production; without spending hundreds of dollars.

37. EDM’s Creative Crisis: It’s not just Piracy & Music Streaming


This is a great EDM news article from Spin news, about EDM’s Creative Crisis: It’s Not Just Pirating & Music Streaming.

Its much worse and details the current problems for EDM producers and DJs in 2015.

36. CollegeHumor On American EDM Festivals “If Music Festival Commercials Were Honest.”

electronic music festivals

Electronic music festivals are known for creating epic HD EDM videos of their concerts advertising up to the day of the event; And even producing official aftermovies like Ultra’s 2013 ‘Relive’ video, So you can remember the experience even after the electronic music festival is over.

35. Spinnin Records Rips Song From Crystal Waters – “Gypsy Woman”

crystal waters

It seems Spinnin Records has their own plans for the song “Gypsy Woman”, As Spinnin Records re-released the song on the official Spinnin Records youtube channel, Without consent from Crystal Waters.

34. Sound Reacts to Science

Sound Reacts to Science

Not your typical electronic dance music news, But still related to music and the invisible vibrations that we hear at EDM festivals or any other time we listen to music. Whenever you are dancing to electronic music in the club or at a EDM festival, your ears are picking up sound waves, Lots of them.

33. Open Stem Files: A New Multi-Channel Audio Format Changes DJing

Open Stem Files A New Multi-Channel Audio Format Changes DJing

The unknown world of how electronic dance music is produced, and especially mixed live will soon change. Open Stem Files Mp4 format is a new multi-channel audio format that will change DJing and mixing live at EDM festivals and clubs forever, If supported by the community.

Native Instruments is first on the scene to pioneer a new space in not only music but electronic music especially for EDM Artists, Producers and DJs with technology called the ‘Stem File’ that will create 4 multi tracks inside of the .Mp4 song it’s self.

32. Dude Parkours Into Ultra Music Festival.. Twice [VIDEO]

Dude Parkours Into Ultra Music Festival.. Twice [VIDEO]

Nothing is more true than the old saying, “the best things in life are free”, Well this video just confirms that.

31. How Trance Music and House Music Helped Create EDM Today

tiesto - Why Trance Will Never Die

You have heard of deep house, But do you know where it started from? Before deep house music became popular, There was another genre of electronic music that helped pave the way for every other popular EDM genre as we know of today.

30. 7 Resources for Getting a Better EDM Mix

Best 7 Tips for Getting a Better EDM Mix

Here are the Best 7 resources for EDM artists and Producers to help get a better EDM mix down on your song.

29. 7 Best Tips On How to Create A Unique Signature EDM Sound

7 Best Tips On How to Create A Unique Signature EDM Sound

You’re hear a song playing on the radio or in the club and you think to yourself, “This song has to be by..”. There’s something you recognize in the song that you are hearing and you think to yourself, This must be made by.. “xxx”

28. Forbes Summarizes, What Is EDM?

Forbes Summarizes, What Is EDM?

EDM is growing at an alarming rate, Theres no denying it. EDM is blowing up so fast Business news website Forbes is talking about EDM. For those who don’t know;

Forbes is an American business magazine that features original news articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing, technology, communications, science, and law topics. Headquarters in New York City, Forbes’s primary competitors in the business magazine industry are Fortune and Bloomberg Businessweek.


27. DJs This Is Why You Should Never Piss Off The Lights Tech [Video]

The Main Problem With Mainstream EDM Festivals

Lights are a simple, yet very effective way to emphasize certain parts of a DJs set. For example lights moving slow and calm on the break of a song, then on a build up/drop the lights go crazy;  Erm, well at least for DJs who dont piss off the club’s lighting technician and crew before their set for the night.

26. Major Record Labels Push Spotify To End Free Music Streaming


Inside sources revealed that Spotify might cancel their free music streaming service in early 2016 due to pressure from major record labels like Universal, Warner, and Sony, Which would result in a subscription based model only, Like Apple Music and Tidal.

25. Tyko Trolls Mainstream EDM

tyko trolls mainstream edm

Tyko posted this Facebook video saying; “What the bloody hell was that?”. Imitating what Harry Potters best friend Ron Weasley says at the end of the clip after a high pitch EDM drop explodes from the golden egg.

24. Native Instruments & Beatport Release ‘Stem Files’

Native Instruments & Beatport Release 'Stem Files'

Created by Native Instruments, and partnering with Beatport to release a new DJ technology that will change the way DJs play live sets.

Open format multi-track audio Stem Files enhance the creative possibilities for DJs, Producers and EDM artists when DJing and playing live sets.

23. SoundCloud ‘Could Become the Next Grooveshark,’ Sources Say

Soundcloud Is Running ‘Dangerously Low on Cash’

According to a trio of sources close to the licensing discussions, SoundCloud’s ‘negotiations’ with mega-labels Universal Music Group and Sony Music Group have devolved into ‘f–k you, pay me’ arguments, with monstrous upfront payment and equity demands peppered with the specter of equally massive lawsuits.

22. Top 8 EDM Facepalm Moments

top 6 edm faceplam moments

Have you ever wondered what the most embarrassing moments for some of the top EDM Producers and DJs are?

21. $100M Lawsuit Accuses SFX CEO Robert Sillerman Cutting Out Partners

$100M Lawsuit Accuses SFX CEO Robert Sillerman Cutting Out Partners

Sources say SFX Entertainment CEO Robert Sillerman cut out early partners who had helped him consolidate the EDM industry by buying out 7/8 other key EDM businesses.

The lawsuit against SFX is listed as:


20. How EDM Started In America & Exploded


What is EDM? 10 years ago, EDM didn’t exist.

All EDM (electronic dance music) was called by its proper name, House, Progressive House, Trance, Minimal, Techno, Hardstyle, Drum and Bass, Trap, and Dubstep (Trap and Dubstep didn’t exist yet, only in a tiny underground scene in the UK), Etc.. the list goes on.

19.  The First Electronic Song, Ever, Apparently

The First House Song, Ever, Apparently

From guessing the worlds best DJs and EDM artists, to the best EDM songs, or clubs and record labels, everyone at some point will also ask their self when was the first electronic music song made?

So, Who created The first electronic dance music?


18. Why Beatports Top 100 EDM Charts Are Failing

Why Beatports Top 100 EDM Charts Are Failing

Swedish duo Daleri has had enough of the mainstream noises, So they put together this one minute long song of all the top best ‘hard hitting’ drops in Beatports Top 100 Charts from 2013, And in 2015 it looks like not much has changed since then.


17. Instagram Blocks #EDM

Instagram Blocks #EDM

Instagram who has established itself as one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in the world, has just declared war on EDM, by blocking the hashtag ‘#EDM’ on their image based social network.


16. The Problem With Mainstream EDM Festivals

The Main Problem With Mainstream EDM Festivals

John Digweed, AC Slater and Paul Van Dyk talk about the problem with mainstream EDM Festivals with MTV News.

15. How Does Your Top 100 DJs & Producers List Work?

Top 100 EDM Artists & DJs

Some have asked how does your Top 100 DJs & Producers List Work?

And.. its pretty simple, You (fans, DJs, Producers, Artists, record labels, anyone with an account! ) control who wins!

Login with Facebook/Twitter to create a free basic profile and follow the DJs, Producers and artists you like and watch them rise closer to 1st! Alternatively, you can also explore new electonric dance music, and members who do not rank in the top 100 djs charts. At the end of the year we will announce the winners for the Top 100 electronic dance music DJs, producers and artists.

14. Ultra Music Festival 2015 Official Aftermovie

Ultra Music Festival 2015 Official Aftermovie

The Miami based electronic dance music festival attracts EDM artists, fans and DJs from all over the world occurring every year in March. This years official Ultra aftermovie features a really new twist on EDM aftermovies, and tracks from DJs and producers like Skrillex, Sleepy Tom, HI-LO, and more before it closes out with Martin Garrix.


13. EDC Founder Pasquale Rotella: ‘We Don’t Want to Book’ Superstar DJs Anymore

Electric Daisy Founder Pasquale Rotella: 'We Don't Want to Book' Superstar DJs Anymore

This article is actually from June 2012, when Electric Daisy Carnival founder Pasquale Rotella made it clear he is already bored of booking the worlds most famous top 100 DJs. Is underground EDM the next big thing?

12. What Happens Behind The Scenes Of Ultra Music Festival? [Video]

Behind The Scenes & Backstage Pass Of Ultra Music Festival

Ultra’s host Andie Helfrich tours us through the 2015 Ultra music festival grounds on a golf cart showing production crews rushing to build and tear down stage visuals and much more.


11. Deadmau5 Slams Modern EDM DJs

deadmau5 2015

When Deadmau5 took Noel Gallagher’s side on an interview where Noel took a jab at Avicii, Avicii responded with the response below.


10. Avicii Responds to Deadmau5

deadmau5 vs avicii edm feud

Avicii has responded to Deadmau5 slamming modern EDM DJs still performing by mixing Mp3s on Pioneer CDJ’s and such.

read more..

9. 7 Ways You Can Make EDM Better

7 Ways You Can Make EDM Better

EDM is now the biggest and fastest growing music, just check out this EDM statistic info graphic below from Google.

Starting with rule #7 Dont Spell EDM ‘EDM Music’, here is a list of the Top 7 ways you as an EDM fan can make EDM better. The tips below will explain how important it is to like, subscribe and retweet your favorite EDM artist to show them support, along with many other essential rules to follow if you are a true electronic dance music advocate.


8. TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In Chaos

TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In chaos

TomorrowWorld is an annual EDM festival held in the Chattahoochee Hills of Georgia. TomorrowWorld is also owned and operated by SFX Entertainment.

This year was not a good year for TomorrowWorld by any means as the EDM festival ended in chaos, mayhem, and confusion this year for fans. To say the least.

This very well could be going down as one of the worst EDM festivals in the history of electronic dance music.

7. Is Soundcloud Going Broke?

is soundcloud broke?

Three individuals close to the organization told Digital Music News that Soundcloud was ‘dangerously low on cash’ and will unlikely secure additional funding. The reason is because of failed negotiation with the major record labels, specifically Universal Records and Sony Music Entertainment, who have been pressuring the cloud music company to pay out royalties for their music library content.

6. Never, Ever, Do This At The Club

EDM Festival Crowd

There is your nieces 14 year old birthday party, and then there is the club.

Which one of these places should you never ask for ‘a song request’?

You got it, the club.

Two girls walk up and begin asking for song requests, one begins with:

Excuse me, my cousin just got married and we just did a whip and a nae nae with the family can you PLEASE PLAY IT! Our entire family will do it.


5. Man Dies Falling From Statue In Paris At Techno Festival [Video] [GRAPHIC]

Man Dies Falling From Statue At Techno Festival [Video]

A 21 year old man died accidentally, after falling from the statue of Marianne  in Paris’s city hall, after the Parisian electronic dance music festival Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. The statue symbolizes the victory of the Republic in France.

Warning, this failed climbing of the Marianne statue you are about to see is EXTREMELY graphic.

4. Tomorrowland 2015 Official Aftermovie

Tomorrowland 2015 Official Aftermovie

The video shows the festival’s diverse crowd of electronic dance music fans, many stages and sets, and some of the latest EDM songs from some of the worlds Top 100 DJ’s and EDM artists, epic fireworks, and much more EDM magic. Watch the video and check it out.

3. 10 Best Tips For Your Next EDM Festival

Forbes Summarizes, What Is EDM?

My first EDM Festival was Ultra Music Festival in 2008 in Miami, Florida.

Since then I have been to many more, A lot of time has passed since then and with all the festivals I have been to in my time I have learned a lot. A lot. Not just about electronic dance music, But about EDM festivals too.

For EDM veterans who often go to festivals, you may already be doing some of the things on this list, if not here’s a good refresher guide.

There have been some EDM beginner guide’s written before on EDM festivals, but this is the ultimate guide as this list has more realistic information, along with tips that can save your life at your next EDM festival. If i forgot something feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lets take a look at the top 10 best tips and ways to help keep you happy, alive, and healthy for your next EDM festival, and many more EDM festivals in the future.


2. Can Music Cure The Human Brain?

tiesto - Why Trance Will Never Die

The pill model that the pharmaceutical industry has created is currently a $300 billion industry (2014) and is projected to be $400 billion industry by 2017.

Instead of prescribing pills maybe we should be prescribing iPods with curated playlists tailored to the specific tastes for the person in need. Basically, Instead of prescribing pills we should be prescribing iPods with playlists.

Can Music Cure Dementia?

Music is an incredible thing, it can heal the brain and human body in various ways, The movie ‘Alive Inside‘ proves this. Going against the entire belief of drugs from pharmaceutical companies.

1. Top 5 Best Music Production Software DAW’s

bitwig studio daw

For all our EDM news readers; Or those who are new to producing EDM, A DAW is a Digital Audio Work station. Every digital audio workstation (DAW) is different, and made by different software companies worldwide.

There is a lot of different DAW’s to produce with these days, We have seen a lot of other EDM news websites try and review the best music production software with failed attempts so we have rounded up the top 5 best DAW’s for our readers. If we forgot something feel free to add it in below in the comments sections.

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