Top 7 Most Popular EDM News Articles for 2015


7. Can Music Cure The Human Brain?

We all know that the human body and brain is not perfect, or immortal.

There are many diseases and sickness that can take the human body hostage, Dementia is one of these disease’s, affecting the ability to think and remember things. Dementia even makes it hard to remember your family members names and faces, depending on how much the disease has spread. Read more..

6. How to get signed on a Major EDM Record Label

Other than having great sounding EDM songs everybody loves to listen to, There are a few more things an underground DJ/EDM artist will need to do in order to get signed to a major EDM record label and have a successful DJ/Producer career. Read more..

5. Spinnin Records Rips Song From Crystal Waters – “Gypsy Woman”

When Spinnin Records released an identical song of Crystal Waters 1990 single “Gypsy Woman many couldnt understand how. Read more..

4. Borgeous blocks fans on Twitter for asking about Niles

Want to read some pretty funny EDM News? It all started when a fan Tweeted the FPIA an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) screenshot with other producers getting credit to Borgeous’s songs. Read more

3. Top 5 Best Music Production Software DAW’s

For all our EDM news readers; Or those who are new to producing electronic dance music, A DAW is a Digital Audio Work station. Every digital audio workstation (DAW) is different, and made by different software companies worldwide. Read more..

2. EDC Founder Pasquale Rotella: ‘We Don’t Want to Book’ Superstar DJs Anymore

When EDC founder Pasquale Rotella was quoted saying ‘We Don’t Want to Book’ Superstar DJs Anymore, such as some Top 100 DJs. This left many people happy, and many upset. Read more..

1. Deadmau5 Calls Justin Bieber a ‘Meat Puppet,’ And Blasts Skrillex

Some of the latest, and biggest EDM news for 2015 was how Deadmau5 went off on Justin Bieber and others in a video on how Justin Bieber is taking artistic credit for an album he didnt produce.

Good point. Has Justin Bieber ever touched a DAW in his life? Justin Bieber’s new album ‘Purpose’ is all electronic dance music, house, and trap. Justin Biebers previous albums were all pop music. Deadmau5 only gives Justin Bieber album credit for singing ‘a pitch on 2 syllables’. Read more..


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