Top 8 EDM Facepalm Moments

Top 8 Most Embarrassing Moments In #EDM


Have you ever wondered what the most embarrassing moments for some of the top EDM Producers and DJs are?

Well surprisingly, there is a lot. But we took time to cover what we thought were the best Top 8 EDM facepalm moments.

8. Beat Girl (2013)

In this epic failure of a movie, we witness a girl, yes you guessed it.. go on a life journey following her little heart’s desire to ‘produce beats’.

The rest is pretty self explanatory, just watch the preview for yourself to see how bad it is. If you think this one is bad look up ‘DJ Girl‘.

We couldn’t find a preview for it at the moment but it exists.

Does it get any worse? Sadly it does.


7. Markus Schulz – When Interviews Go Wrong

Markus Schulz – When Interviews Go Wrong

Markus Schulz – When Interviews Go Wrong

Markus Schulz’s finds himself face-to-face with a journalist who finds herself in a facepalm second after second.

Things go real bad around three minutes when she asks Markus about “his” track Concrete Angel, which was actually produced by Gareth Emery.

She then asks

“But I heard you play it at Escape From Wonderland?”


Very amused now, Markus responds saying

“I didn’t play at Escape From Wonderland,”


She then follows up with

“Anything we can look forward to from your set at Ultra?”


Markus, now super amused, Says he isn’t playing there either.

“You’ll have to leave this interview online,”


Meaning this interview is too funny not to upload on to the internet.

She responds saying



As she is squirming

 “I’ll look like an idiot!”


Yea. Duh…

At the end it goes so bad Markus has to Interview himself.

6. Armin Van Buuren Studio Fail

In this video Armin Van Buuren sits down for a 1v1  studio interview with Future Music.

The video is broken into sections, Kick and Bassline, Extra Melodies, and Master Bus.

The part of the video were so interested in is Master Bus. at 2:29, Where Armin explains ..

“I didn’t put the master bus compression on… it just sounds like this…”


For the non producers out there, Anyone who has ever attempted to produce music knows that compression, or an audio ‘compressor‘ is a key tool to producing quality music. No matter if it is software or hardware, Along with many other skills such as EQ, Mixing, Mastering, Music Theory and understanding your keys. But thats an EDM Secret to read for another day.

Armin is definitely using Compression on his master bus to achieve this sound, yet saying he is not.


5. Armin Van Buuren vs David Guetta 2011 Top 100 DJ Mag

In this super awkward 2011 video of the Top 100 DJ mag polls a sketchy David Guetta walks on the stage as he is named #1 DJ and says to Armin van Buuren

This is your home country, so it feels a bit strange…



4. Markus Schulz In The House! Tiesto?

In this super awkward video, Tiesto is mistaken for Markus Schulz on live tv.The video starts out as you begin to hear Tiesto faintly say ‘Hello’ … ‘Hello’..

The two hosts stand there confused…Then the female host says..

“Markus Schulz in the houseeee!!!!’


Tiesto then says again:



The female host finally gets it right and calls him ‘Tiesto’.

Which happens at about 40 seconds and then things get back to normal.

(Gotta love the mini wave at :49)


3. Madonna Declares Her Love For EDM

madonna avicii

Madonna & Avicii

At the 2012 edition of Ultra Music Festival, Madonna decided to make a special guest appearance during Avicii’s UMF mainstage set.

For Madonna, she might of thought it was the best time to jump on the EDM bandwagon to get a little more publicity as EDM was blowing up in the States at this time.

So before Avicii played his set, Madonna fumbles on stage to declare her long lasting passion for EDM.

“In my world, the words ‘music’ and ‘dance’ are not separated, OK?”


Then asking:

“How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?”


deadmau5 wrote on his Facebook the next day.


Hats of to deadmau5 for

  1. Being a producer who actually produces his own music,
  2. A stand up guy for being a responsible electronic artist and future role model.
  3. For calling out an irresponsible bandwagon’er.

The Pink Floyd Facepalm below is a special dedication for our #2 Top 8 EDM facepalm moments.

top 6 edm facepalm moments

When the fail is so strong you go psychedelic

2. DJ Shadow Set Cut Short At Mansion (Miami)

This almost made our #1, it was really close.

When people go out to a club the main thing people are looking for is to have a good time, and secondly listen to some good music.

But when some douchebag promoter comes over and tells the headline DJ (DJ Shadow) to play something else, or whatever he whispered to DJ Shadow…

Well then that basically goes against every principle of ever hiring a DJ in the 1st place. Why not just set up a CD player in your club if you want to control the music?

Shout out to the douchebag promoter in the video over at Mansion for telling DJ Shadow how to DJ.

(We were really enjoying that set)

But who knows, Maybe Mansion will think twice next time they tell a DJ to change his/her set.

Or just keep doing it and we will continue to enjoy laughing at your mistakes and blogging about it to thousands of our edm readers every day.

But whats even worse is that this isn’t the first time Mansion has been known to fuck things up for EDM Fans.

(Earlier in 2013 when deadmau5 played at Mansion they blocked true fans from the front part of the stage while trust fund babies stood taking selfies, paying no attention to the performance.)


1. Wtf?

major laser i heart interview diplo

Major Laser/Diplo At iHeartRadio Interview

At EDM festival Lollapalooza iHeartRadio had set up an interview booth for some DJ interviews.

In this already horrible interview gone wrong, Major Lazer sat down with Kennedy, the interviewer from iHeartRadio, and things go from bad to worse, to wtf?

She even begins provoking them for answers they clearly dont want to talk about asking

Have you ever texted pictures of your privates?


And even begins mocking them at 1:30 by saying

Im a DJ, cuttin and scratching, what, what. Thats what i do. ek ek. No one was on my headphones, I have bad hearing because im a DJ, i flew to Dubai….. For $400,000, I play for the prince of who gives a shit.


Diplo says,

How did you know i got $400,000?


Kennedy says:

Its totally accurate, oh baby, i know, i know your kind. I know that it is the greatest job in the world.


She then try’s to redeem herself by saying

So answer a serious question! Diplo by the way you do sunday nights on 987?


The rest of the interview only gets worse as she continues to annoy the DJ trio as they cant wait to leave.

We do have to admit, they did handle it really well for how annoying her and her voice is.

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