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There are so many great producers out there in the world today, who don’t get the recognition they deserve. Sure, we could have wrote an article on the Top 10 Most Famous DJ’s, like all the other EDM news websites …. but thats super boring. If you are curious about who’s the best, Look at our Top 100 DJs/Producers. Unlike other Top 100 DJ voting websites, our votes cannot be purchased.

Maybe you were looking to read and listen to the best Martin Garrix songs, or the best Skrillex songs, But this EDM news article will shed some light on the top EDM songs, new talent, and underrated electronic producers. Of course we cant fit them all on our top 10 EDM songs list, but we did try.

At EDM Ranks, We like to give credit where it is actually due..

Cheers to the authentic producers producing their own music.


So this article is for all you true electronic fans out there.. who just want to find some new music to listen too, by the real people who actually produced it!

Below we have taken some time to collect some of the best underground/underrated EDM artists.


10. Gio Star

gio star

Gio Star

Gio Star is a UK Electronic producer, who knows how to produce great vibes and quality deep house.

With catchy rhythms and smooth deep house ambient sounds.

Gio produces great music that is enjoyable and easy listening.

Producing genuine minimal deep house with melodics and percussion that creates a never ending happy dance floor feeling vibes no matter in your house, club or your car.

That puts Gio Star at our number top 10 spot for underrated edm producers in 2014. Gio Star was also Formerly ‘Made in Cape Town

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9. Ryan Starbuck


Ryan Starbuck

Ryan Starbuck is a DJ/Producer/Remixer from the UK.

Favoring anything that’s progressive, His specialty is Progressive Trance/House and his latest track editions certainly show off the best in that style.

Crisp uplifting melodies, driving basslines and an all round nice mix are found here. Besides producing, Ryan has an unbelievable contrast of mixing techniques behind the decks and has a strong influence in any club environment.

Trance elements, electro elements and deep elements are also played with in his sounds as you can tell by the choice in deep driving bass lines, Beautiful trance saws and minimal percussion give his tracks some extra spice.

Ryan is determined that this year with his advanced productions and professional DJ sets that will open people’s eyes to real dance music again.

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8. Kasvihuone



If you have an open mind, you will like Kasvihuone.

Kasvihuone started to play cello when he was five years old and guitar at six. Playing solo, with orchestras, and in some bands, but nowadays he is just producing his own music.

Focusing on a different type of production style, Kasvihuone uses orchestral, classical and modern synth sounds to create a very different type of music.

More on: Kasvihuone at his Website

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7. Tyko



Tyko is definitely an upcoming producer to keep your eye on.

This German/American progressive house producer refuses to produce music for commercial mainstream success,

Instead focusing on deep 90hz kick drums with a funky 128 bpm groove also adding melodic melodies on every production.

Over the years his talent has transcended across many different genres to create a new sound of house music. His productions incorporate all types of genres such as house, minimal, techno, deep house.. even dubstep, glitch and classical. Using his own unique samples and field recordings, Tyko always brings a new perspective to dance music.

Few people bring a new unique sound to electronic and house music. On July 4th 2014 Felicity Recordings released Tyko’s first album, ‘Universal Language‘.

The future looks bright for Tyko, as he continues to work on his 2nd album.

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6. Trendmonster



Trendmonster has a very special sound that is known for his heavy kick drums, catchy melodies, chord and energetic uplifting builds.

His style can be described as progressive house that draws influences from House, Progressive, Electro, Trance, Techno, Minimal and Tribal.

Trendmonster roots with producing goes back to his teen years as a guitar player in a heavy metal band called “The Mad Cows”.

A few of Trendmonster’s first tracks “Energy”, “1985 Miami EP” and “Gypsy Way EP” in 2010 and 2011 quickly became a top hit with great success throughout the US and Europe. Trendmonster’s next hits, “Gypsy Way” & 1985 Miami EP, debuted in 2012 with “System Recordings” landing him 31st place in Justin Testa’s Top 100 North East USA Charts as well as the top 100 iTunes download list in the UK.

Dr. Kucho’s Record Label “Disc Doctor” made huge noise in the “House Music Industry” with Trendmonster’s October 2012 releases of “Life” and “Maiden’s Tower”. Trendmonster then Collaborated with House Music Legend, Dr. Kucho who together released the new hit single “Istanbul to Russia” in January 2013.

Trendmonster’s success has been promoted by Pacha Recordings, Disc Doctor Records, System Recordings, Bavaria Recordings, Vinyl Loop Recordings, Baccara, Iplug Logo, Trance gold Records, Electro Superstar, Attention Inc Music and the Super Market labels.

Trendmonster has been received with open arms by discerning audiences and supporters including Dr Kucho, Robbie Rivera, Tiesto, Chuckie Erick Morillo, Tocadisco, David Guetta, The Scumfrog, Stevo, Justin Testa Steve and Roger Sanchez across the globe.

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5. Roger Shaw (Sunlounger)


Roger Shaw

Roger Pierre Shah Also known as Sunlounger, aka Purple Mood, Savannah, Black Pearl, High Noon at Salinas, Magic Island, Global Experience.

Roger shaw is signed with the biggest labels in the Electronic industry, Armada, Black Hole, Anjunabeats, Magic Island Associated acts Sunlounger, Global Experience, Mellomania.

He is probably the only EDM artist besides Daft Punk who is working directly for Disney in Hollywood as a composer and who has signed soundtrack deals for numerous film projects in 2013.

With the globally unique Balearic music style he celebrates great success as a solo artist but also with various monikers.

Shah has an over 20 years reputation in the international EDM scene with a release record of more than 500 tracks on international record companies.

Among them SonyEMI, Universal and Warner, as well as all leading EDM labels such as Armada, Black Hole, Ministry Of Sound, Kontor and Ultra.

As a producer he has worked with and produced many songs for artists such as TiestoArmin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Sarah MacLachlan, Ferry Corsten, Kosheen, Bryan Adams or Moya Brennan who is best known for her works with Hollywood producers such as Hans Zimmer.

Most prominent alias is his Sunlounger project with which he had chart entries.

He releases most of his productions on his own Magic Island imprint with global sub-licenses.

It is also the name of his famous weekly radio show which is broadcast on dozens of FM stations across the globe. He had chart success in Germany, England, Netherlands and Mexico. More than 80 million views on YouTube and thousands of live performances all over the world speak for it.


Sunlounger is without doubt Roger’s best known nom de plume. It was under this handle that he released the ‘Another Day On The Terrace’ long-player in 2008. It reached No.1 on Dutch iTunes’ ‘all-music-genres’ chart and spawned four singles: ‘In & Out’, ‘Aguas Blancas’, ‘Crawling’ & ‘White Sand’. The project become so celebrated that Roger expanded Sunlounger into a live act – a performance of which was featured on Armada’s ArminOnly DVD. It was this experience that he credited with his latter wholesale move into live Roger Shah performances. In 2009 Roger released the Sunlounger follow-up LP ‘Sunny Tales’. It’s progeny singles included ‘Catwalk’, ‘Mediterranean Flower’, ‘Change Your Mind’ and the much-revered ‘Lost’ – voted as Tune of the Year for the 2008 A State of Trance radio show hosted by Armin van Buuren and numerous #1 airplay positions across the globe. His third album, The Beach Side of Life, was released in 2010.

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4. Daft Punk 

Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Formed in 1993 this French duo has earned their mark in the electronic music.

Daft Punk had great success with the dance hit “Around The World” in 1997 on Dafts Punks 1st album “Homework“.

Years later in 2001 Daft Punk would also get more fame from their hit “One More Time” on their album “Discovery“.

in 2010, Daft Punk also produced the music soundtrack to Disney’s movie ‘Tron: Legacy‘.

In January 2013, Daft Punk left EMI Records for Sony Music Entertainment‘s subsidiary label Columbia, and released Random Access Memories

The lead single “Get Lucky” became an international success, peaking in the top 10 in 32 countries. 

Random Access Memories led to five Grammy wins in 2014 including Album of the Year, as well as Record of the Year for “Get Lucky”.

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3. Junkie XL

Junkie XL

Junkie XL

Over the years this Dutch-American electronic producer has made everything from the music for Need for Speed, The Sims, FIFA, Mass Effect, Niyaz – “Dilruba” and even movies.

Junkie XL has also done remixes for Tiesto and BT,.

in 2012 he composed the music for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’.

Junkie XL is also the mastermind expected to take the shoes of Hans Zimmer.

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2. ATB



This German native from Hamburg has been on the EDM scene since 1996. Before it was “EDM”. Back then it was the Trance and Techno days.

Surely no newcomer to EDM, ATB’s productions and success span a long line of beautiful music over 2 decades.

ATB – Could you Believe (2013)
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1. Stimming



House music like you have never heard before, For originality, creativity and such unique productions, 1st place goes to Stimming.

There may be a lot of people who dont agree, but thats just because they cant see the skills and talent involved in a Stimming production/song.

From Rolling basslines that you feel in your chest to sounds and fx that will keep you wondering how he produced it for the rest of your life.

Stimming wins 1st place for being the most creative, unique and original producer we have see yet today.

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