TSAS Releases “WKLM” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Dino or aka TSAS (The Strange Algorithm Series) is an electronic music producer and performer from Portugal.

You can find his songs on many labels across the globe like Sony Music, Epic Dance Records, Brimotek Music, Multikill Recordings and other various record labels.


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Often exploring the boundaries between various styles, TSAS follows the new trends of dance music and his tracks have been included in several compilation albums.

WKLM stats with a nice steady house kick that builds on nice hit hats accompanied with a nice smooth melody that slowly blends in and seems to memorize your brain, Taking your mind into another world, and totally rewriting your thoughts as you think. WKLM keeps it’s groove and energy the entire time, building up and transforming into a constant evolution of sounds and synths that are blending together seamlessly taking you into rapture.

TSAS prefers to use synthesizers and other electronic instruments when playing live, along with the mix of using different influences in his sets and music. His live are not just a mix, but live shows that encompass original remixes and deconstructions of TSAS’s own songs, making his performance very unique every time. The mystery that surrounds TSAS has most certainly piqued the curiosity of many EDM fans this is definitely one upcoming EDM artist and producer to keep and eye on.

I got a chance to talk to TSAS about WKLM, his music, and some other things like what are his most favorite VSTS. Check it out below.


Tell us about “WKLM”. How did you come up with this idea for this song?

Initial idea was to produce a track with 3 different pillars. A strong progressive groove; a melodic part; and a final section, similar to the first one but acting like a climax. These pillars would be supported by a thick bass line along a constant beat, to keep the rhythm alive throughout the song. Having established these 3 different parts as the main structure, I could let my creativity flow and explore different instruments and sounds, modulating them, so that every element gets its own “solo” in the mix.


What inspired you to make this?

I wanted to go with something underground, a bit dark, techy, but following a progressive line, with a new and modern approach. I’ve been listening to old modular synthesizers in new and old songs in electronic music and other styles for inspiration. A great example of that is the “Stranger Things” intro. I gathered a few examples and my tools to replicate that sound “in-the-box”. The main lead (acid like) that plays in the song is the result of modulating several parameters while recording the audio at the same time.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I’ve been doing music for a couple of years and playing live with some groups (mostly as a percussionist), but I think I started doing electronic music and creating my own sounds around 2010, a few months before the dubstep (modern dubstep or brostep) bubble exploded. I was familiar with this genre, back in 2000-2005, but this new thing was monstrous. Middle of 2000s I had a few rudimentary apps to create electronic music, yeah, but only later I approached sound designing, mainly because I wanted to learn more on how to create the modern sounds I was hearing at that time.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

If I had to pick one VST I would go with TAL NoiseMaker because it is simple, but allows to make many complex sounds.


What can we expect from you next year?

Lots of new music and shows! I’ve been working with different labels but created an imprint 1-2 months ago (called Dejitama), which allows me to schedule my releases and put out music more frequently on Spotify and other stores. Along with this, I’m gathering a few contacts from agencies and promoters to be able to play live much more. Hope to make a tour happen soon!


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