Tyko – Skyfall

Tyko - Skyfall


Today there are many underground EDM artists producing EDM, but few as smooth as Tyko. In a world where many EDM producers and DJs choose to follow the EDM trends and play/produce what ever the latest and greatest new EDM genre is, Tyko goes in the other direction playing music from the soul.

What ever electronic music Tyko produces is always amazing, but more importantly he produces songs that are Timeless, Like Skyfall. There is just something about his progressive house music that makes you feel good, putting you in a place of peace and calmness, Skyfall is a perfect example of this. Known how his smooth melodies and beautiful productions Tyko is always coming up with creative, Unique songs.

The Tyko remix of ATB’s Ecstasy remix is an energetic and timeless remix just like the original Ecstasy song, That brings new life to the song that made ATB in 1999.

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