UK’s Youngest Double Murders, Killers at 14


Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham photo from Facebook.

Monday, April 11.

Fourteen year old Lucas Markham begins walking to his girlfriends house of Kim Edwards.

Kim’s house was located in a small market town of Spalding, Lincolnshire.

In Lucas’s backpack he had a black T-shirt rolled up with four kitchen knifes inside. When he arrived to her house he climbs onto the roof from the shed, and crawls over to her room window. He knocks three times. Nothing. He knocks again, nothing. He realizes his girlfriend is asleep inside. Lucas gives up and climbs down from the roof, and walks home.

The next night Lucas returns, He knocks again on the glass window, nothing. Again his girlfriend did not hear his knocks. The next night he comes back for a 3rd attempt, he knocks. Kim hears him this time as she was awake going to the bathroom. She opens the window and lets him in. When Lucas gets inside his girlfriends room he asks “Are you sure you want to do this?” Kim replies “Yes” and adds, “but then, in the end, i couldn’t do it, so he did it”.

Luis begins to creep into Kim’s mothers room, the 49-year-old mother laid there peacefully asleep in her room. Kim is waiting in the bathroom down the hall, she realizes Luis had not followed the plan and whispers “Take your shoes off.” to Luis.

Luis has now reached the 49-year-old mothers bedside without awaking her, Lucas begins to stab her, eight times. Two blows to her neck, which severed her windpipe. As she awakes to the stabbing wounds she tries to defend herself, Luis stabs her five more times in the hand. He climbs on top of her and begins to suffocate her with a pillow over her face. Luis later told the police that Liz, the 49-year-old mother of two, had scratched his “Face , back, and butt”.

“She was struggling,” Kim said at a later time.

“She reached out her hand, so I grabbed it and kind of held it. As I realized it was her hand, I instantly drew my hand back and got into a cradle position. I sat on the floor next to the door and said to myself, Breathe, as I was about to have a panic attack. My legs were shaking. Then I walked back and forth and said: ‘It’s going to be OK, keep calm. It’s going to be over soon.’ After about ten minutes of putting his weight on her, she was dead. She had kind of gone limp and wasn’t struggling anymore, but she was still making gurgling sounds. I think I said: ‘Is she dead?'”

Kim Edwards (14)


Lucas checks the mothers Pulse, she was dead. Once Liz and Lucas knew the mother was dead they went into the other room where Liz’s 13-year-old sister was sleeping, Katie. Again Lucas begins stabbing 13-year-old Katie over and over in the throat and then suffocating her with a pillow. Kim recalls hearing her sister last words, muffled, saying “I Can’t..” in what she says was a “scary voice.. all croaky”

The two young love birds then jumped into the bath and washed off the blood from the horrific event that had just happened minutes ago. When the two were clean they moved Kim’s mattress downstairs and moved the bed directly in front of the tv.

The two had ice cream and watch the Twilight films back to back. The local news agencies have now refereed to this young Bonnie and Clyde duo as the “Twilight Killers”. The two planned to commit suicide the next day at 2PM. Kim wrote a note saying “I want Lucas and my ashes scattered at our special place. From Lucas and Kim, we don’t give a fuck anymore.” but when the time came they changed their minds and watched the fourth Twilight film.

They stayed in the house for the next 36 hours until police showed up at the house, wondering why the kids were not in school. Upon entering the house the police saw the couple cuddling in bed. The UK police asked Kim where her mother was, Kim said “upstairs”.

The police then asked Lucas what happened to her, he replied “Why don’t you go and see?”

Photo courtesy of Lincolnshire Police

Kim had stated that she didn’t like the way her mom treated her, and Kim felt like her mother liked her sister Katie more.

Lucas and Kim planned the murder at a nearby McDonald’s, a 15 minute walk from Kim’s home.

Kim was also upset about an incident that happened years ago when her mother struck her in the jaw, this forced both sisters Liz and Katie to stay with foster parents for a short time. A few days before the murder Kim had an argument with her mom over seeing her estranged dad, Peter Edwards.


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