Ultra Music Festival Books Underground EDM Artists

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It seems one major music festival is starting to give EDM fans what they want. EDM festivals are seeing that there is way more talent out there than just the mainstream Top 100 EDM artists, There is a whole list of underground EDM Artists waiting to be found, Like our Top 100 EDM Artists list.

Ultra Music Festival Gets It

It seems one of the biggest electronic music festivals, Ultra music festival gets it. UMF (Ultra music festival) is the first major music festival to understand that fans want more than just a famous dj. People dont just want to explore a new experience, They want to explore new EDM, and artists as-well. The emphasis on the mainstream EDM artists in the past years was fun and exciting but people want something new. Because of this, Ultra has decided to take one of their three stages and make it for underground EDM artists only. Though the list isnt as underground as we would like it to be, Its still progress in the right direction. Read for yourself below.


A New Breed of Talent

Because the market and industry has been so saturated with mainstream acts in the past years the bubble will soon pop, Making room for underground EDM artists. 2015 will be the year that more underground EDM artists begin to rise than ever. The need for new entertainment and great music is in high demand. This means new bigger, better electronic music festivals, bigger, better and newer ideas, and of course new artists and new music. In the next couple years the EDM market is going to open up greatly for the underground scene. Good thing we were on it first.

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