VICE Calls To Destroy American National Monument, Gets Chewed Out On Twitter, Changes Title


VICE news has been know to be bold, but making threats to an American National Monument?

Well that’s definitely bold.

Their latest VICE news article has just called for an American National monument to be destroyed.

Specifically, “blow up”.

VICE has released an article that is calling To Destroy American National Monument, They get chewed up on Twitter, they change the title and act like it never happened.

Technically, this is a serious threat to all the thousands of visitors there, and hundred of government employees who work at the National monument. This threat put all the tourists and Mount Rushmore employees at risk.

After VICE posted the article on their Twitter, the feed back was not nice, and left the brand looking pretty dumb and communistic.


VICE quickly changed the title, but it was too late. Many users had screen shot the tweet.



The VICE author says

Which made me wonder: If Rushmore ever did get “blown up,” what should those dudes be replaced with? Fact is, I’m not sure there is any American president worthy of being etched into the side of a 60-foot mountain with explosives and jackhammers. I mean, every single one has at least been partially complicit in horrific atrocities.

Wilbert L. Cooper



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