Watch Jack Ü’s “Where Are You Now” Grammy Rehearsal


If you missed the 58th annual Grammy awards, or any news on the Grammy’s then you should know that the Skrileex-Diplo duo Jack Ü helped win Justin Bieber’s first Grammy. Skrillex and Diplo’s collaborative work won them awards for the Best Dance/Electronic Album and Best Dance Recording.

This is great news for EDM as it’s sign that electronic dance music is only becoming more popular and growing fast.

Mike Einzeiger from Incubus’ is playing the keyboard and Diplo playing the keyboard and percussion Jon Theodore from Queens of the Stone Age’s on drums, and Skrillex playing the lead guitar. Nest HQ has uploaded a video on behind-the-scenes “Where Are You Now”” rehearsal before the real performance in front of millions on live TV.

Check out this live version of “Where Are You Know” by Skrilex, Diplo and Justin Bieber played at the 2016 58th annual Grammy awards.

Skrillex – guitar
Diplo – keys, percussion
Justin Bieber – vocals
Mike Einziger – keys, percussion
Jon Theodore – drums
Ann Marie Simpson – violin
Abagail Rose – violin
Tina Guo – cello

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