Wavewhore Releases “You Got It” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


A veteran of the club circuit, Wavewhore brings more of his high octane break beats with “You Got It”.

The New York City producer delivers hard hitting beats and driving saw tooth bass that makes you want to blast this in your car while driving down a desert road at 120mph. “You Got It” is a supercharged journey from front to back.

Wavewhore – “You Got It”

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Wavewhore inserts a nice breakdown towards the middle of the song—a much-needed breather from the dance-fest that is the groove—but never lets the energy down and quickly drops it right back into the breaks.

With releases on multiple labels, global radio play, top 10 Beatport rankings, and being called “one of the USA’s finest breakbeat DJ/producers” by Jay Cunning (KISS FM London), Wavewhore is clearly doing his thing and doing it right. 2017 should prove to be another great year for this guitarist-turned-producer with his new single “I Feel It” already in the pipeline and a new project on the horizon.

Check out my interview with Wavewhore where he talks about the story behind “You Got It” as well as his new project alias Nihologix, EXCLUSIVELY at EDM RANKS:

Wavewhore Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Tell us about ‘You Got It’. How did you come up with the idea for this track?

It evolved from a quick sketch of a track that I started way back in 2008.  Sometimes, if I have an idea in my head, I will put a quick beat and bassline together in a project file just to record my thoughts and then get back to it later. Somewhere down the road, I will either develop the idea into a full-fledged track or scrap it if it doesn’t really speak to me.  In this case, I picked up working on it again almost 7 years later and I’m glad I did because it got signed by Elektroshok, one of the top labels in the breakbeat scene.  The track also features samples from NASA’s successful Apollo 11 moon mission and it takes you on a bit of a journey just like the space travel samples imply.


How did you make the switch from guitarist to EDM producer?

Well I grew up playing guitar in bands in high school, mostly heavy metal as I’ve always had an affinity for harder-edged sounds, but eventually I started getting into hip hop beats and that led me to dance music.  Music has always been a big part of my life and I guess I just got bored with what I call “guitar music”.  When I started getting involved in the electronic dance music club/rave scene it was so fresh and innovative and it became clear to me that this was the direction I wanted to move towards in expressing my musical ideas.


What inspires you most when creating music?

Usually, I get inspired by other artists and producers who make amazing music. Also, as a DJ, I’m always looking for tracks that are dance floor oriented and can generate a good amount of energy.  Every artist wants to put their own stamp on things and music is a really fun medium because you often get a visceral reaction from the audience.  That crowd reaction is also very inspiring so I’m always trying to produce tracks that I think will elicit a strong response from the floor.


Do you have a favorite DAW, VST plugin, or instrument you like to use?

As far as instruments go, I have a bunch of guitars; but my favorites are a candy apple red Jackson Soloist and my sunburst ’84 Fender Stratocaster.  On the electronic side of things, I use Logic for my audio production and my favorite soft synths would have to be Massive and Serum.  However, the one I miss the most from the past would be Vanguard, which I actually used a lot of in the early production stages of “You Got It”.


What can we expect from you in the next year?

I just completed a remix of Alt-a’s “Encore” that was commissioned by Very Important Music and is part of their 10 year anniversary label series.  The remix was released last week and has already climbed in to the Beatport Top 100 breaks chart and reached #1 on Beatport breaks Top Releases chart.  I’m also working on some more original music including a track called “I Feel It” which should be out later this year.  In addition, I will be launching a brand new alias called Nihilogix for bass house/house music and the debut single should be out soon as well!

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