Whiplash Movie Trailer Gets Trolled By EDM

Whiplash Movie Trailer Gets Trolled By EDM


Whiplash, which won 3 Oscar Awards in 2015, Is a movie that follows the life of an aspiring drummer. The movie is great.

Watch the Original Whiplash movie trailer here:

Whats better is when DJ Wh1PLA$H does an EDM troll spoof of the movie’s trailer. In the video the students are attending “Skrillex Academy” One of the Top EDM schools in the country. The students and are told to just chillax and dont worry about the music and to steal samples from other people. next the students are instructed to take their molly and then to begin playing their DJ sets.

Watch the DJ Wh1PLA$H EDM troll movie trailer here below:

Making fun of electronic dance music’s most famous cliches hasn’t been better trolls since Davincii was pressing the bass button and handing out money bags to EDM Fans last year.

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