Who is Calvin Harris?

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So, who is Calvin Harris?

Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ, producer, songwriter, singer and a record producer. He is professionally known as Calvin Harris in the music industry, but his original name is Adam Richard Wiles. He was born on January 17, 1984, and is a very successful figure in the music industry. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He became successfully active in the year 2002. He also owns the record label, ‘Fly Eye Records’, founded in 2010 and he has released 8 studio albums, up till now.

He primarily became famous for his singles, in collaborations with the other famous singers, such as Rihanna. Other record labels he is signed to are Columbia, Ministry of Sound, Ultra, Rock Nation and Deconstruction. Calvin Harris stands at number 40, among the top 100 influential DJ’s.

Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris’s net worth is $220 million. He grossed an estimated $46 million dollars in 2013, making him the highest paid DJ, among the top 100 DJs. In 2014, he reportedly grossed over an estimated $60 million dollars. Between June 2017 and June 2018, Calvin Harris earned over $50 million dollars.

Awards, Nominations and Fame

He has been awarded 32 times in prominent music award ceremonies and nominated at least 180 times. Here is the list of the famous awards and nominations that he has received:

American Music Awards

Calvin Harris won two awards at the American music awards and nominated at least 6 times, throughout his active fame period.

 Billboard Music Awards

Calvin Harris won one award at the Billboard Music Awards and nominated 10 times, for his commendable music with genre, trance and electric pop.

Brit Awards

Calvin Harris has been nominated as many as 17 times, while winning 2 awards at the Brit Awards.

Grammy Awards

Grammy Award is supposed to be a remarkable achievement in the music career, as it is one of the biggest music awards. Calvin Harris has been tremendously successful enough, to win one Grammy Award, with at least 5 nominations, each for different song.

MTV Europe Mix Awards

Calvin Harris was nominated 13 times at the MTV Europe Awards, gaining one award, before his way back home.

iHeartRadio Music Awards

He was nominated 8 times while winning 2 iHeartradio Music Award.

MTV Video Music Awards

He won 4 times for his appealing music videos and nominated as much as 12 times.

Teen’s Choice Awards

He won 2 times and nominated 8 times, by the public, aged between 13-19.


calvin harris highest paid edm artists

Calvin Harris Is one of the top highest paid edm artists

His collaboration with the famous singer Rihanna for, ‘We Found Love’ hit as the number one single on the US billboard hot 100. His two singles, ‘Acceptable in the 80’s’ and ‘The Girls’ got in the top 10, in the United Kingdom in the year, 2007. Calvin Harris’s single, ‘I am not alone’, became the first song to be on top in the UK singles chart and proved as a milestone in his music career.

His first album to chart on the US billboard 200 was ’18 Months’, due to which he became prominent and influential around the globe. All eight of his albums reached the top 10 and made a ground-breaking record by surpassing Michael Jacksons’s record. His fourth studio album, ‘Motion’ was ranked at number 5 in the US and reached at number 1 in the UK at the time of release.

He was awarded with the title, ‘British producer of the year’, in 2019. For six years he was one of the highest paid DJs, starting from 2013 to 2018. In October 2014, he became the first song artist, to place three of his songs simultaneously on the top 10 of billboard’s dance and electronic songs chart, as his genre is electro house, electro pop and dance pop.

Club’s he has played in

Calvin Harris EDM DJ

Calvin Harris EDM DJ

Calvin Harris who is ranked at number 40, among the top 100 best DJs is a regular DJ at Omnia night club, in Los Angeles. He performs there weekly, in collaboration with other DJs, to entertain the large crowd that visits to see the Grammy award winner singer, Calvin Harris. He has also performed in Wet Republic, which is a night music club located in Los Angeles.

He has performed in Ushuaia Ibiza night club, which is located in Ibiza, Spain. He has performed multiple times in Pacha Ibiza night club , also located in the city of Ibiza. He had performed formerly at the Smukfest , in Denmark. Calvin Harris has performed previously at Zurich Openair, in Switzerland.

He has performed at Sonnemondsterne festival, held in Salzburg, Germany. He has formerly performed at Krakow live festival, in Poland. He has performed in Creamfields night club, situated in England. He performs every year in Summerbust festival, held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Calvin Harris Concert Tours

He went for ‘ Soundboy Rock Tour’ in 2007, with the Groove Armada. Calvin Harris went to ‘All the New Arrivals’ tour with the ‘Faithless’, an electro pop music band, in 2007. He went to’ Ready for the Weekend’ tour, for one year, from 2009 to 2010. He accompanied Skrillex and Deadmau5 in the ‘Unhooked Tour’, 2010.

Calvin Harris joined Rihanna, on her tour ‘Last Girl on Earth’, from 2010 to 2011. Calvin Harris again joined Rihanna, for her ‘Loud Tour’, in 2011. Last but not the least, Calvin Harris went with Tiesto, to theGreater than Tour’ concert tour, in the year 2013, placed in the UK and Ireland.

Famous Songs and Music Style

Calvin Harris’s famous song ‘We Found Love’ in collaboration with Rihanna is the top most famous song of him. Rihanna’s irresistible voice and Calvin’s effortless beats, has made it one of the best pop singles of the Millennium. The other famous song in which Calvin Harris sang his heart out, using his own vocals is ‘The Summer’. It is the perfect song for summer, which gives you a euphoric explosion, when the hook is kicked in.

Calvin Harris has earned a platinum status, by collaborating with Ellie Goulding for the song,’ I need your Love’, which has proved to be an award winning song of the century. The song, ‘Dance wiv me’, featuring a British rapper, Dizzee Rascal gave Harris a chance to top the UK chart. It is still considered to be a milestone in Calvin Harris’s music career.

‘Sweet Nothing’, with the sweet voice of Florence Welch and effortless electronic beats of Calvin Harris helped them both, to win a Grammy award, for the incredibly mesmerizing song.


In short, Calvin Harris is a successful Grammy award winning DJ, songwriter and producer who started off as a minor DJ, on MySpace and EMI. Today, his net worth is $220 million dollars, making him one of the top 100 DJs in the world.

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