Why Are Guns Legal In America?


There is no doubt the Las Vegas shooting was a tragic event, along with the Pulse nightclub mass shooting.

But why does America allow assault rifles to be legalized?

Well there is a long 2nd amendment that explains it, but i will summarize it here for you briefly.

When America broke away from England, America was now a new country.

1. New Countries, New Laws

New country. new leaders, new laws, new ways of life.

Some of these rules included the 2nd amendment right, the ‘right to bear arms’. Which means, the right to own a gun. Any gun. Hand gun or rifle.


2. Self Defense

two words.

Self defense.

Because the new country, (America) was not going to be taken over by their former enemy the British, or for that matter, any future enemies.

China once thought of invading America during World Wart II. They changed their mind real quick when they realized the vast amount of gun power they would have to deal with when fighting the armed Americans.

3. Communism In America

In the 1960s neighbors were calling the FBI and turning in their own friends as suspected communists. It was a real problem back then, why?

Because communism leads to dictatorship. Hence the North and South Korean war. (North Korea wanted Communism. The South Koreans wanted to be free) America brought our guns and came to the aid of South Korea. Who today maintains a very health economy and a booming country, that does high volumes of trade with the world and America. Some popular South Korean brands are Samsung, Hyundai, Kia and more.

This includes communist government that have been a proven failure such as the USSR (Former Russia, (Soviet Union) Before Russian was Russia) and other failed communist countries where they are starving their own people like Cuba and Venezuela.

4. Hunting

Before there was farmers who could mass slaughterer chickens and send them to your local grocery store people had to hun for their own food. The fastewast way to eat was to shoot an animal and cook it.

Gun Technology

When the founding fathers of America wrote the 2nd amendment, they obviously had no idea some one would invent an gun that could shoot 20 bullets in 5 seconds.

The las Vegas Shooter Stephen paddock “had devices attached to 12 weapons allowing semiautomatic rifles to mimic fully automatic gunfire.”

This is illegal as fuck!

Hey everyone, lets ban drugs then people will also stop using those too, right?

Yeah that worked out great. Not.

This is why we (Americans) have created laws for this new gun technology (Assault Rifles).

Such things like they cannot automatically fire, they can only shoot 1 bullet per trigger pull. Unless illegally modified after you but it from the store, like i mentioned above.

If you hold the trigger down the gun will still only shoot 1 bullet. The Mexican Cartels and other street gangs have learned to modify this trigger to shoot rapid fire, automatic. This is illegal unless you are in the military.

Gun Silencers Are Illegal

If gun silencers ever became legal this would be a very fucking dangerous thing.

Imagine if the Las Vegas shooter had a silencer. No one would have heard his gun shot and been able to hear him shooting in the hotel.

Scary shit.

Guns Laws In America

Now obviously Assault rifles are fucking dangerous, along with all guns. Of course no one wants mass killings with assault rifles, this is why assault rifles cannot be purchased legally with automatic firing triggers. That is illegal as fuck bro. Anywhere in the world. The only people who get automatic guns is the Military. Or gangs. Such as when Obama gave thousands of guns to the Mexican cartels and they murders thousands of innocent Mexicans.

This is why there ARE LIMITS to buying guns. The resurrections to buying guns in America are currently

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must pass a criminal background check
  • Must not be a psycho and have mental record.
  • Must wait 24 hours after paying for the gun to take it home.

So as many of you think “Oh well i want a gun lets just go to Walmart or a Gun Store and buy one” Well yeah you can, but with the rules that apply above.


If a mad man wants to kill innocent people he will find a way. Killers dont need guns to kill people. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer to kill 168 people and injur 600 others.

September 11th terrorists uses box cutters and planes.

The Nazis used cyanide gas.

Taking guns from innocent people or banning guns will not protect innocent people.

The criminals will always have a gun anways do not forget this. Will you?

The problem is not the gun.

It is a fucked up society.

Maybe we should be looking at mental and health issues.

Not talking about guns.

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