Will Soundcloud Die In The Next 50 Days?


News from sources close to the founders and CEO of Soundcloud say the recent Soundcloud downsizing will only buy them an extra 50 days.

The recent downgrade at Soundcloud included 173 people fired, and two Soundcloud offices closed, one in San Francisco and one in London.


TechCrunch asked a Soundcloud employee about the morale at Soundcloud, the employee responded with

It’s pretty shitty. Pretty somber. I know people who didn’t get the axe are actually quitting. The people saved from this are jumping ship. The morale is really low.

Soundcloud Employee


The bottom line is, Soundcloud is not in good health right now, will the worlds biggest streaming network stay in business longer than Quarter 4 of 2017? or Will Soundcloud Die In The Next 50 Days?


Read the full story here at TechCrunch.

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