Worlds First Electronic Music Awards (EMAF) TV Show


Every year the electronic dance music community uses the EDM Ranks Top 100 charts and social network platform to vote for the best Top 100 EDM artists and DJs in the world.

Electronic dance music has grown so fast and come so far in such a short period of time that it’s no surprise an electronic dance music awards TV show has finally come. This may be the first electronic music TV show, but it definitely wont be the last EDM TV show either.

But will it be as glorious as we think it may be?

The Worlds First Electronic Music Awards & Foundation (EMAF) TV Show is coming to your TV televised nationwide on FOX Saturday, April 23rd at 8PM.

Overall the new electronic music awards TV show looks legit, and it could do a good service to the electronic music industry if it is run correctly.

Hopefully the awards show will stay true to supporting quality electronic dance music, and is actually about supporting real EDM artists with talent, such as ones who can produce their own music, DJ’s who can mix and put on a excellent show, but most importantly.. quality electronic dance music.

The new awards show will be held in Hollywood, CA in a tight condensed event room at the SLS Hotel holding a capacity of 250 guests maximum, and is directed ‘at all audiences’.

The electronic music awards & foundation (EMAF) TV Show Co-Creator and executive producer Paul Duddridge has given an exclusive interview with Chris Davison. They talk about the worlds first episode of the new electronic music TV show in more detail. If all goes well this new electronic music TV show could end up replacing the Grammys someday.

The new electronic dance music TV show will not be any genre specific, and look at the entire genre of electronic music as a whole.

We went to Fox and they were into doing it. Fox are really hands-on with this, they’re very keen to make sure that this is authentic. It’s really interesting that everybody is coming at this from the same angle, nobody wants this to be a sellout. It’s got to ring right.

This truly is the current music of the masses and it’s only going to get bigger. It is now indestructible.

-Paul Duddridge
Electronic music awards executive producer


The Electronic Music Awards is advertised as staying true to the best electronic music only. Lets hope this is true.. only time will tell.

Some Electronic Music Awards categories for electronic music artists will be “Best Newcomer,” “Best Single,” “Best Artist,” and more soon to be announced.

The official Electronic Music Awards website says the following:

The Foundation is dedicated to help change the lives of young people in need and shine a light on the next generation of talented DJs, artists, and producers ready to break the mold in electronic music.

Electronic music’s biggest night on television will have the leading artists, creatives, executives, and luminaries of the largest musical genre on the planet in attendance to unveil the EMAF winners of 2016.

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Be part of the action on April 23rd and join us for the official launch of the Electronic Music Awards & Foundation exclusively on FOX.

Electronic Music Awards & Foundation Official Website


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