Ying Yang Twins Release New EDM Song & Interview

Ying Yang Twins Release New EDM Song & Interview


The Ying Yang Twins first made their mainstream appearance in 2003 with Lil John’s “Get Low”.

Now, for the first time in a while the rapper duo is back, jumping into the electornic dance music scene, releasing a new EDM song and interview to Rollingstone.

D-Roc (left) and Kaine (right) of Ying Yang Twins team up with Mad Decent DJ duo Pyramid Scheme on a new EDM single called Thundercat, which seems to have a big room and deep house vibe, check it out below what do you think?

It’s hard to persist in the game for any amount of time, but the Ying Yang Twins are back after an extended period and are ready to fight for their place in history.

First of all, Pyramid Scheme are Atlanta guys — they did a song with Trinidad Jame$ — but I don’t know if they’ve been to Big Daddy’s on Old National Highway. What do you guys connect on?
One of the guys in Pyramid Scheme actually worked at the Zone, one of the studios we did a lot of our recording in for our first three albums. Pyramid Scheme is made up of Adam and a gentleman by the name of Sterling. Adam used to engineer a lot of our sessions when we did the Thug Walkin’ LP. That was where the whole Pyramid Scheme came into play with the Ying Yang Twins. We were already knowing Adam.

Did you guys ever fall out of contact or did you always stay in touch?
Uh, no. We ain’t never lose contact, everybody was always just a call away, man.

At what point were you like, “Oh, you’re not just an engineer, you’re doing this EDM thing?”
I don’t know how long Adam and Sterling have been working on the Pyramid Scheme thing, but I know he was always dealing with music with us. I know any type of job he was gonna have, it was gonna be based upon his love of music. In music, you might start out being a runner… as in, you might be asked to run to the store. Any time of day! It might mean you’re gonna be a videographer at the end of the day. You’ve gotta be ready to transition when they call you.

D-Roc: I can say, back when he was engineering our projects we were working on, he kind of put his feel in that he was interested in not just being an engineer for the longest time. ‘Cause you know, he could say, “Oh, you could say ‘pusha in the hood’ like this.” So that’s the first time I could see him going to step up. When he met Sterling, I think that’s when the transition came about. When he was like, “I could do this on this end; you could do this over there. We put that together? And we got a Pyramid Scheme.”

Atlanta has about six different hip-hop scenes going on at the same time. How is it that an EDM duo was the first to reach out?
I mean, not for nothing, but we was in that lane before we started hitting the world hard. It was just all before our time.

D-Roc: I would say, if you really think about it and go back, we was already in that lane when we did “Shake.” Almost and probably popping into that EDM. Because it was different.

Kaine: “Shake,” “Drop,” then “Fist Pump, Jump Jump.”

D-Roc: And now you’re just acknowledging it with “Thundercat,” cause, like, the transition is getting better with what we’re doing.

Kaine: It’s the first actual official EDM track that the Ying Yang Twins are on. That’s it, just a new label. It’s new music from us, so it’s all the more better.

Kaine is sending a bunch of subliminals in that first verse. I know you were talking about biters a couple of years ago; is that still on your mind?
You know, everybody has people that they idolize. Some people won’t say so. Some people may. It doesn’t matter. I think it’s this: My verse was merely saying that people looked at the Ying Yang Twins like we were outcasts. The way we are is we’re more abstract than any local artist. Or national artist, it doesn’t matter. The thing is, people try to figure out how to get the niche that we possess, and nobody can imitate or emulate us because we’re a hard act to follow. And that’s merely what I was saying in the verse. We ain’t never had to piggyback no artist. Ying Yang Twins have always been their own group. We drop singles the way we feel they should be dropped and we do things in a manner that’s different than any other rhyming artist in the game. So that’s basically what that verse was saying. Plus, I’m a lyricist anyway. That’s coming to the forefront of the Ying Yang Twins in the future, ’cause the industry likes to tag to our female records. We’re greater artists than just one thing.


Check out the full EDM news story and interview here on RollingStone.com.


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