Your EDM Festival and Club Tickets Are About To Increase


News is spreading that ticket prices for clubs and festivals will be going up soon, Why? The short answer, is because people are dying and getting hurt at recent clubs and venues. The Paris and Orlando attacks have raised a huge red flag for the live entertainment industry.

A while back we did a study on How much EDM Fans Spend on a Night Out Clubbing?, Well it looks like its about to increase as event promoters will have to up their security game.

The shooting rampage at club Pulse in Orlando which killed 49 people Sunday was the latest terrorist attack in America and on the LGBT community. In recent months the focus of attention has been on violence in crowded concert venues, where injuries and drug overdose have long been more common than altercations with guns.

There will be a ripple effect of increased costs

Said Mr. Martin, a veteran talent agent in New York.

Clubs that don’t have metal detectors will have to get them. Insurance costs are going to go up. All that is ultimately going to get passed along to the ticket buyers.

On Friday night, the EDM and dubstep singer Christina Grimmie was killed while signing autographs for fans after a show, also in Orlando. Last month, one person was killed in a backstage shooting at a T.I rap show in the Manhattan club Irving Plaza, and in November, 90 people died when terrorists opened fire at a rock concert at a Paris theater.

“Paris was a bit of a wake-up call to the entertainment industry,” said Russ Simons, a security expert with Venue Solutions Group, a consulting company for sports and entertainment in Brentwood, Tenn. “Many smaller facilities looked at that and said, ‘We need to start adapting to the current situation and really examine safety and security.’”

Some artists canceled or postponed European concerts following the Paris attacks. But with musicians now drawing more income from touring, they face increasing pressure to stay on the road.

But the latest round of shootings may force promoters and venue operators to put more precautions in place and hire more guards, all of which brings additional costs. (Promoters, the people who take the financial risk to put on a concert, are already accustomed to higher insurance fees for events featuring certain genres of music, like hip-hop, a practice many of them call unfair.)

Representatives of Live Nation Entertainment and AEG Live, the two biggest concert promoters in the world, declined to comment Monday about any changes to their security procedures.

Larger venues have been gradually increasing their security measures for years, led by the demands of sports leagues like the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League, which require the buildings where their teams play to use metal detectors. But these procedures also have critics, who argue that they are insufficient to prevent attacks.


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