Youtube Releases Premium Music Service ‘Youtube Red’


The worlds biggest video search engine, Youtube, has just released their new premium music service called Youtube Red. With the first month free then $9.99/month after. If you purchase it through your phone on the app store it’s $12.99/month.

Youtube’s major selling points for the new music service are add free videos, save videos and music for offline use, and background playing while your screen is locked/off.A feature many love, something Soundcloud just improved on in one of their recent updates.

Overall the service looks pretty legit if you are an avid YouTube user, as having no ads is an incredible feature alone. Remember years ago when Yotube had no ads?

Ad Free Videos

Now you can enjoy ad-free videos whenever you sign in to YouTube or the YouTube app no matter if its on your mobile device, desktop, or TV app.

Save Videos & Songs for offline play

Save songs and videos on your mobile device to watch offline.

Background play

Keep your videos playing while using other apps or while your screen is off.

Do you have a Song or Mix You Want Featured?

Submit My Song/Mix!

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