Zayman Releases “One Wrong Move” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Zayman is an American rapper from Florida.

After being locked up for drug trafficking charges he realized his life needed a change. Zayman quickly traded trappin for rappin and has began a new chapter in his life. His next plans are to open his new independent music label Kush Gang Ent and sign many up and coming talented producers, rappers and DJs.

We caught up with Zayman to ask him a few questions about his new song One Wrong Move, his message for the song, and how he started rapping and more. Check it out below.

Zayman – “One Wrong Move”

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Cue “One Wrong Move”, Zayman’s newest song out now and is about his first hand experiences with life. One Wrong Move is a sweet sounding Trap beat produced by TyyBumpin and has a super catchy piano melody and heavy bass.


Zayman Interview

Tell us about “One Wrong Move”, What is your message?

My main message in “One Wrong Move” was to tell the fans that ill die to make it and to make it you need money in this game and im willing to risk it all to make it and one wrong move it could be all gone but everything really worth it comes with risk.



What Inspired you to write this song?

My everyday life inspired me to create this song.



How did you begin rapping?

I began rapping when I was locked up fighting a trafficking charge and realized my life needs a change



“One Wrong Move” is a fire beat, Who produced this?

This fire beat was produced by my G @tyybumpin



What can we expect from you next year?

Next year you can expect more fire singles videos you can also find me in XXL magazine and i will be officially opening my independent label Kush Gang Ent


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