Zealouz Releases Future Bass Song ‘Can’t Stay Here’ & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Zealouz is an electronic dance music producer/dj duo from Tampa, Florida.

Their new song ‘Cant Stay Here’ is a sweet future bass song with captivating melodies you wont want to miss listening to.

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EDM RANKS caught up with Zealouz in Tampa to chat with them about their new songs, shows, future plans and more check it out below.

Zealouz Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Tell us about Can’t Stay Here? How did you come up with this idea for this song?

Whenever we start an idea for any track, we almost always start with the melodic elements, since that is what we like to drive our sound the most. So, we typically will write out some ideas that are good and some that are maybe not so good. But eventually you hit that a-ha moment where you know that what your writing is going to be the best project yet. Simply put, when we wrote the main progression for “Can’t Stay Here”, it gave us the feeling we were looking for that we just knew that we wanted to invest a piece of our time and ourselves in.


What Inspired you to make this?

We try and make our sound very personal, hoping that the piece of us we put in our productions is ultimately what shines through. Whenever we hear music where you can practically taste the emotion – that is what we strive to create because it is as genuine as it gets. Music like that gives this indistinguishable feeling that to us, makes music truly unique. That is arguably our most notable inspiration to anything we might produce.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

Andrew – I have always been a music fanatic, growing up listening to emo/post hardcore stuff. I always loved the energy and emotion behind the music.  After discovering the dance music scene, I realized that this is how I want to express myself. Doing more visual arts in my younger years, the music always inspired my work, so why not learn how to make what’s inspiring me and be able to share that same feeling with everyone.


Justin – My parents bought me a Pioneer DJ We-Go, since I’m a huge tech geek and although it didn’t have a ton features like today’s boards, I started experimenting with putting different sounds together. Even though it was a train wreck at first, I had heard some really great things come from artists I admired. Just hearing music that I loved so much, made me want to create it for myself. I just kept getting so fixated on learning audio production and I have been ever since.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

We typically use a lot from Native Instruments. One of our favorite instruments to use recently is the Piano VST “Una Corda” from NI, which has been pushing our sound in the last few projects. For effects, Replika and especially the newer Replika XT from Native Instruments also – not only can it be a reverb for any sound, but it’s a great sounding delay that you can sync to the tempo of the track and make any audio sound massive! That is our bread and butter for creating atmospheres and ambient-type sounds. We’ve even taken Justin’s horrid singing and turned it into something quite nice from experimenting.


What can we expect from you next year?

Better quality music and a lot more of it. We have some more releases lined up for this year, so keep an eye out for those. We are really going to focus on creating as much quality content for our listeners as possible.  In addition, we will be working on a way to pick apart previous tracks, so we can play them in a more live & interactive way, as opposed to playing them back out like a DJ would. A lot of this year will be spent in the studio developing our live set with edits of originals and some sweet unreleased stuff that you will have to come out to our shows to hear!


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