ZenNeuro Drops New Single “DANZA”


Known for producing “Whatever floats your boat” ZenNeuro have just released an amazing new big room/electro house song.

With support from Hardwell, W&W, Morgan Page, Yves V, Wolfpack, Lumberjack, Sergio Mauri and more this electronic dance music duo is off to a great start, check out their new song “DANZA”

Malaysian-Filipino Producer and DJ duo ZenNeuro consist of two members, Big Mike and DEV. After years of being in the music production line, the two brothers decided to take their production to another level by showcasing it live at the same time gathering support for their original mixes and remixes.

Tell us a little bit about your new song ‘ DANZA ’. How did this song come alive?

“Danza” came about I think, around early February 2016 when DEV made the melody. It took us about 3 days to finish the song cause we had so much ideas and input so it was really organic. We didn’t really had to think about the whole construct of the song. We just went with our instincts and boom!


The duo promises nothing short of quality and to continue to push the envelope to ensure a spectacular show accompanied by good music, and high energy performances whether it’s jumping on stage or cheering the crowd. We asked ZenNeuro about a couple questions like how they started producing electronic dance music, VSTs and more check it out below.

Who are the DJ/Producers to look out for in Malaysia?

Our boy Jayson Ice Cream! He’s insane on the decks and so full of energy. A couple of guys at the top of my head would be Potenza Brothers and Artin! Love how they try to stay true to their sound and identity. Oh! And of course Simon Lee & Alvin! They are having a great year with their release on Armada!


How did you get into producing electronic dance music?

I think it was about 6 years ago when a good friend of ours Moses (who is now our tour manager) introduced us to electronic music. He went ahead and made a song in FL Studio. Back then it was very melodic, lots of Avicii and the Swedish sound and we thought to ourselves, “Thats cool!” so we wanted to do it too! We got the demo version of Ableton and it went from there.


What is your VST plugin or instrument to use?

We really like the soft synths from Sylenth1 but we would normally take out all the effects in there and apply our own compressor, reverb, distortion, delays and other effects. A lot of Ableton stuff there, but right now we like the compressor from SONNOX. It just brings so much warmth to the mix. Timeless from Fabfilter for the delay and the iZotope Trash for distortion.


What can we expect from you in 2016?

Lots of new music and collaborations!


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