Zinity Drops Chill Out Trap/Future Bass Hybrid & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Zinity is not only a good friend of mine now, but he is a very very talented artist, DJ, and producer.

This DJ/producer combo does it all, and does it all nicely.

Very nicely.

I have watched him and his music grow since 2013 and he only makes better electronic music and dance music as time passes.

Zinity – Milky Way

“Milky Way” features the vocals of Zinity singing over top of a surreal, euphoric, happy beat that feels like you are in utopia.

Check out the song and listen for yourself.

If you want to check out some of his older stuff it’s here on EDM RANKS, herehere on Soundcloud, and here.

Zinity Interview

Tell us about ‘Milky Way’. How did you come up with this idea for this song?

As I am currently developing a more relaxing sound in music, as well as bringing in more of my Vocals, I’ve been super inspired recently to make a lot of chill-out music. Milky Way was originally created while I was sitting out, 2’oclock at night and couldn’t sleep. I was looking up at the sky, and saw nothing but stars and darkness. I sat there for hours, just – looking, and thinking. I’ve always admired the sky, and looking up there just – thinking poetry, ryhmes, and Humming melodies. Milky Way is originally written about thoughts of taking the Leap into nothing, and watching, what we define as being infinite-nothing become, or be more than we ever knew it could. Even though we have had times together on Earth, and for most of us, only expect a life on Earth, this song takes me to a place where I feel anything is possible. It’s just a question about time and space.


What Inspired you to make this?

I’ve been super inspired by EDEN, and many other relatable chill-out musicians, and, the support from my following has been incredible lately. They have inspired me way more than I’ve ever told them

What will we hear from you next year?

I am working on many different things, traveling a ton as well as co-operating with artists I couldn’t imagine would ever work with me. Even though I’m working under a couple of aliases, I’m definitely seeing a Zinity-album on the way.


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