Zinity Releases New Song “Space Pirates” And Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Zinity is a electronic dance music producer/DJ from Denmark.

Zinity has been on our EDM radar since 2013, and has released a collection of addicting songs over the years. Now it’s time to add another song to the list.

We last featured Zinity in a news article back in October of 2016 with his song “Got You“, Now he is back with news of another top electronic dance music song.

With over 1,200+ profile views on his EDM RANKS profile, countless hours in the studio, and dedication, Zinity has climbed the ranks of top DJs and producers in the world. By releasing only top notch quality songs and sharing them with the world as much as he can, Zinity has continued to hold his place in the top 10 EDM artist rankings for the past three years in a row.

Zinity – “Space Pirates”

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When producing music, Space Pirates is an incredibly genius audio engineering feat that all electronic dance music producers aspire for. It takes lots of creativity to think of an idea of a cool melody for a song, and even more knowledge and talent with music production to actually pull it off.

Below we got to discuss “Space Pirates” with Zinity, along with a few more things in our interview below, check it out.

Zinity Interview

Tell us about “Space Pirates”. How did you get this idea for this song?

“Space Pirates” was a very experimental project – Most of my tracks are! When I made Space Pirates I had one thing going on in my mind. One phrase saying “Test Yourself.”. It has been one of my most experimental dubstep tracks ever, and all sound design was entirely made with a vst called Serum. I spent hours, if not days just trying to combine different wave-tables, and forms – Distortions, and a ton of time in general just messing around, until I was finally happy with one sound – and then moved on to the next one. My general Idea for Space Pirates came from listening to a ton of bass related music – especially dubstep at that time!


What Inspired you to make this song?

One of the things that inspire me a lot is “Different Sounds” – Something that would sound Weird, but can yet be used in incredibly cool ways. I always seemed to love weird and different sounds. Artists that has inspired me for exactly this project was Getter, Skrillex & Zomboy. Three of my favorite dubstep, and in general bass related music artists!


What can we expect from you in 2017?

In 2017 you can expect a lot more tracks coming out – Collaborations with vocalists from different places in the world – and of course my usual Feedback Livestreams every Tuesday at 20:00 gmt(+01) on my facebook page!


Preference of DAW?

My favorite of all time is Fruity Loops Studio – but I’d say, for any readers – It all depends on which ever DAW that catches your attention. Go for the one that suits YOU – Not the one others use.


Android or Apple?



Any tips of advice for upcoming producers?

When working with music, at least for me, it is important to write directly from the heart. Write music from your emotions and you’ll see a BIG difference in the sounds you’re making! And don’t be afraid of trying different things. Everyone makes mistakes – Luckily we learn from that – and this is what makes us the producers, and artists we are in the end! Give yourself time to learn – Do not be desperate – but love what you do – have a lot of patience, and share happiness with the people around you. And of course – Last but not least – A break now and then is also necessary. Give your brain and heart the time it takes to develop new inspiration, and don’t drive yourself crazy because of a “Writers Block”.


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