Zinity Interview and “Got You” [EXCLUSIVE]


If you like supporting artists who actually make their own music, then you will love Zinity.

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We first came across the highly talented electronic dance music producer and DJ Zinity in 2013, when his amazing drum and bass hit “Light Up The Skies” captured our hearts and many others forever.

Now Zinity is back with another smashing song “Got You”. Check it out below. Keep reading to see our interview with Zinity on electronic dance music, how he produced “Got You” and more.

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ZINITYMUSIC - Zinity - Got You (Edmlead Release) (Free Download)

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Zinity Interview

Tell us a little bit about your song “Got You”, How did this song come to be?

The idea of “Got You” was originally created In December 2014, and was released October 21’st 2015, on Edmlead. When I produced this track I was really emotionally caught by the chord progression, and as I were developing the sound of the track, I felt I wanted to push my own levels. I never felt this track was actually done after all.


What inspired you to produce this?

I was listening to a lot of chill house back then, and as much as I loved the idea of the track, I think my biggest inspiration for the track was trying to push my own levels. Got You, were by far my biggest track back then.


Where did you get the idea to use these vocals for the song, were there other vocals you also tryed out?

I always liked vocal chops on songs, and since I am a vocalist myself, I found it interesting to use my own vocal on this track! I am happy about the sound of it.
First off I actually tried re-sampling a ton of vocals, to see if I could find the exact sound I was searching for, but in the end it’s way more unique to have my own vocals as a signature sound In this track.


How did you get into producing house music and electronic dance music?

My dad got me a version of Dance Ejay, from a Cd he bought In a market. It was a Daw In which you could combine a lot of samples, and create drumloops, arps and so on. I found it really interesting and started doing that as a hobby In my spare time (I was around 4-5 years old at this moment, 1999-2000). My  interest in music production came through, when I found out Basshunter (who was my biggest idol back In the days) – used Fl studio. I found his tutorial on youtube which really caught my attention, and I thought I wanted to do Something simmilar – so I found a demo version, and started working. Sadly I couldn’t save any project files, so I thought it was annoying, and skipped it off for a few years. In 2009, a year where I went to a danish boarding school, I wanted to see if I could get back to Music production, and thats the time when I remember telling myself – This is what I want to do. Eventhough People were against my interest, due to being the only one on this School with the interest of producing, I still kept my expectations high, and mindset clear. I liked the music of the internet way more than the usual Danish Radio Music, and therefore I were way more inspired In doing Techno, Trance, and House Music In general.
I have developed my sound by sitting alone, Working hard and found interest In Music through the internet. I find it interesting to work with every possible genre.


What DAW do you like to use? Whats your favorite VST plugin?

I like to use Fl studio 12, mainly because It’s a Daw I’ve messed around with since forever, and it’s a bonus since i’ve finally bought it. With my purchase of Fl, I’ve also bought Serum and Sylenth1, which are my Two favorite VSTS at this moment. In Serum you’re able to do a lot of personal designing In sounds, and it is in general a vst, which is really nice to handle. You also have a visualization of the Wave tables you’re Working with, so thats also a great bonus – atleast for me! Sylenth1 is one of my favorites, because you are able to combine so many layers of sounds together, and create some really teasing and inspiring sounds. The Housy plucks you can create with this vst always seem to have a really delightful sound. I use Serum for Bass based Music, Dubstep, Basshouse, House, Future bass, etc. Because you’re able to do a lot of awesome effects with the sounds In general. I use Sylenth1 for more Chill based Music, and melodic Music In general!


What can we expect from you in 2017?

Better sounds, better quality, more releases.


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