Zinity – Light Up The Skies

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When you combine a great taste for music, and a great producer, you get Zinity.

Zinity is an electronic music producer from Denmark. Zinity is a very diversified producer, He can produce just about any genre,and does it well.

Thats rare, As you know..

Zinity produces everything from melodic progressive house, to drum and bass, and dreamy drumstep with vocals.

Zinity – Light Up The Skies

Light Up The Skies is a beautiful example of nice dreamy-happy drum and bass,With a bit of electro & dubstep at the breaks. Beautiful ambience, pianos and uplifting synths make this song one to repeat over and over again without getting old.

Oh yeah, don’t forget Zinity gave Light Up The Skies away as a free download on his soundcloud to celebrate 1,000 facebook likes.


Zinity – Dreamy Sky

Dreamy Sky is a uplifting vocal drum and bass song, The track features Zinity’s own vocals.

This is my newest track “Dreamy Sky”!
The music is produced by me, and the vocals are sung by me as well! I hope you will all enjoy it!!

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Zinity skills don’t stop here though, he also produces big room and house.

Zinity – Elusive

Zinity also produces some unique big room.


Zinity – Skydrops 

Zinity also produces house and progressive house


More from Zinity on his Soundcloud:

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