ZOMBE Releases “Droppin Bombs” Dubstep EP & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Dubstep and edm songs by Zombe


ZOMBE is an American electronic dance music producer and DJ.

Fresh off his music grind from the studio, ZOMBE is proud to release his new dubstep EP “Droppin Bombs”.

If you like Excision, Zomboy, Jauz, Midnight Tyrannaurus, or Herobust you will love ZOMBE.

The “Droppin Bombs” EP contains four gnarly down and dirty dubstep song that are sure to brain f*** your mind.

ZOMBE – “Drop Bombs”

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The song that inspired the entire dubstep EP album, “Drop Bombs” is a down and dirty dubstep song that is sure to be a favorite with all dubstep fans.

This is the song that makes ZOMBË begin taking the EDM scene by an unexpected storm of steel of BASS and WUBs,  resurrected from dead bribing you pure bass, hype, crazy wobbles, and good vibes.



 ZOMBE – “Actin Up”

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“Actin Up”
is the first of three songs on the new ZOMBE “Droppin Bombs” EP.

Actin Up starts with a melodic pluck and vocals, before going on to drop into some absolutely insane dubstep beats and melodies. The song carries energy throughout the entire track with vocals that sporadically say “Quit Actin Up!”.


ZOMBE – “Invasion”

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is another great dubstep song, starting with christmas sounding bells, horror screams, and fuzzy white noise static ZOMBE doesnt play around and drops right into a filthy dubstep drop.

Check it out for yourself. This one will make you want to head bang all day, you might need a neck brace.


 ZOMBE – “How Bout Dah”

“How bout Dah”
is the third song on the Drop Bombs dubstep EP.

The song begins with a funky electro winding up and wobble sound with a kids vocal saying “Cash me outside, how about that? Cant tell Mom, how about that?”. Another brilliant dubstep song by ZOMBE.

EDM RANKS got a chance to ask ZOMBE about some of his new music, how he started producing and more check it out below.


ZOMBE Interview:

Tell us about “Actin Up”. How did you come up with this idea?

“ACTIN UP” can be put in many terms some would think of like a someone acting up for something but the real term is when a producer working on a new project and your DAW, Vst or laptop crashes, the  worst things that could happen while making a new song it throw you off your game. I start a new project that i had in mind then i came across this vocal shot name  Quit Actin Up which catches my attention, allowing me to create the unique structure and sound to build Actin Up.


What inspired you to make this song?

Just the passion of making music and people reaction but i just really go off whats trending in the EDM scene which is Bass Music so i create something unique that related to my name i use zombie sound just to be different and unique. Spread the Get Pumped n Get Zombified hype


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

6 years ago attempt to create house and dubstep was fascinated on what i was creating  but wasnt good enough i begin to learn more about the DAW i was using which is FL STUDIO 12. I start going to EDM show and listen to other producer anaylze their music structure and mixing so after years of practice. I started to Dj which makes me look at music in a deep perspective, i began to looking up to other producer like Excision , Zomboy, Jauz,Midnight Tyrannaurus, Herobust amazing producer/dj this is really how i came up with the name ZOMBË they inspire me to create bass and hype music in my own unique way.


Do you have a favorite VST or plugin instruemtn to use?

My favorite plugins SERUM!!, massive, nexus fl key.etc Favorite instrument is drums, piano.


What can we expect from you next year?

This year get pumped get zombified  haha you expect a lot more exclusive tracks from me  more hype vibes. Praying to start playing more show, travel places spreading my music, meeting new people and play festivals.


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