Diplo Rips On Zedd More

Diplo speaks out in a recent interview with Radio.com and attempted to dispel that he is not “enemies” with Zedd, but ended up sinking himself deeper into a hole. Radio.com: You gave Zedd’s latest album, True Colors, a pretty harsh assessment on Twitter. Diplo: I’m actually not enemies with Zedd by any means. I just think […]

Five Knives gets caught Fake DJing

Five Knives gets caught Fake DJing, Then claim it wasn’t a ‘DJ’ gig they were booked for, as they are a band. The advertisement for the nights show even advertised a ‘DJ Set’.   Post by Khalid Battikh.   That’s why we refused to fake the CDJ’s even though we were being filmed.   What? […]

Is Diplo an Asshole?

Yes, you could probably say Diplo is an asshole. The latest in EDM news and artist feuds, Diplo tweeted about a Kickstarter campaign to get Taylor Swift a booty and then tweeted a link to a Fundly campaign that was started by someone else to raise the money. Some one should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift […]

Worlds Worst DJ

We have seen a lot of Fake DJs in our time, but few videos are as funny and cheesy as this fake dj below. This video was brought to our attention, and after watching the worlds worst dj, We couldn’t resist but add this to our EDM News. Especially after reading the Youtube uploader’s commentary on […]