Will Chinese Company Tencent Buyout Spotify?

Heres something that will effect us all, or at least the ones who stream music and dont illegally download it. Spotify has been loosing money since they opened in 2006, we all knew this wasnt good. Spotify may boast high annual salaries for their employees paying them over $168,000 a year but that isnt that […]

Interview With A Music Industry Executive On Music Streaming

Recently we discussed Why Music Streaming is the future for the music industry and DJs/artists. Now lets take a look and get some advice and perspective from a music industry executive, Mr Roy LaManna. The music industry is changing fast lately. With music streaming being a very hot topic and buzzword lately EDM RANKS sat […]

Why Music Streaming Is The Future For Music & Artists

Why is Music Streaming The Future For Music & Artists? Check out the Music Marketing guide and our review of the Top 5 DAWs. Digital Music News predicts in the chart below that by 2019 Apple iTunes song downloads will be basically killed off entirely, making so little from song downloads that it will be […]