CMA Music – Tomorrow’s Another Day

cma music


Connery M. Arendse or CMAMusic is a young talented producer from the Netherlands, Living in Holland.

Outlining this article I was trying to think about which song to post first, As every song of his is amazing.

So I will start with the first song that caught my attention, Its so beautiful, melodic, soothing and peaceful.

If god was to send a song to the world; It would be ‘Fragments Of The Past’ by CMA

Post by CMA.


If you enjoy music like Blackmill; You will love CMA.

This next song is more aggressive; yet still beautiful, Like them all.


‘Tomorrow’s Another Day’ is an uplifting, emotional dubstep song with chillout synths and beautiful bright sounds, CMA always produces his electronic music with loads of warm and gentle sounds. He thinks

You don’t need words to express emotions, but music on it own shares enough



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