CÜR Music Enters Into Digital Music Content Streaming

CÜR Media Enters Into Digital Music Content Streaming


CÜR Media, Inc. (OTCQB:CURM) (OTCBB:CURM) Announced today that it recently entered into a digital content streaming agreement with MediaNet Digital, Inc. (“MediaNet”), a leading provider of digital content, as the company progresses toward the 2015 launch of CÜR Music, its next generation mobile and web music application.

The agreement will pave the way for CÜR Music to offer access to MediaNet’s library of over 22 million songs as CÜR Media reaches agreements with major record labels and other content providers.   MediaNet provides its content through licensing arrangements with major record labels, including Universal, Sony Music and Warner Music Group, as well as over 80,000 independent labels. Under the agreement, MediaNet may also manage back-end services for CÜR Music including licensing, royalty payments, reporting, encoding, and security.

CÜR Media Enters Into Digital Music Content Streaming

CÜR Media Enters Into Digital Music Streaming

Tom Brophy, Founder and CEO of CÜR Media, commented, “This agreement with MediaNet is another important step forward for CÜR as we move toward the launch of CÜR Music, our next generation social music experience.  As we work towards agreements with record labels and other content providers, giving our audience direct access to that content through one of the most robust libraries of music in the world is a critical component for our company as we position our CÜR Music app for its anticipated release later this year. We continue to work diligently on procuring additional content and developing unique features to push the boundaries of our application beyond traditional music streaming and into a completely immersive experience that will enable people to personalize, share, and create.  We look forward to capitalizing on our vision and establishing CÜR Media as a leading platform in digital entertainment.”

Frank Johnson, CEO of MediaNet, commented, “We are excited to partner with the team at CÜR as they move toward the launch of their next generation music experience. By gaining access to our extensive library of songs, CÜR Music will be well positioned, from a content and royalty administration perspective, to foster the social sharing and creative aspects that will make it such a unique streaming music platform.  We look forward to working together with CÜR to support their initial launch and all of their future growth plans, through our robust catalog fulfillment and royalty reporting capabilities.”

About Media Net

Launched in 2001 as one of the first legal digital music distribution platforms, MediaNet (www.mndigital.com) maintains the world’s largest B2B rights-managed global catalog of more than 38 million tracks matched to over 3.6 million rights holders including composers, publishers, administrators, PROs, collection societies, performers, labels, distributors and more. MediaNet offers the only commercially available service and platform which hosts, manages, distributes, reports and administers the rights for a global catalog of sound recordings for powering digital music experiences, including streaming music apps, subscription services and download stores. Through its MN Open API, MediaNet provides seamless access and delivery of its multi-territory catalog and rights administration services, which support many popular digital music services around the world such as Beats Music, Songza, Target and Univision.

About CÜR Media

CÜR Media is creating a next generation social music experience through the planned launch of CÜR Music, a social mobile and web streaming music application that is being designed to enable its users to go beyond the limitations of traditional music streaming services.  Upon its release, CÜR Music will unlock the true expressive nature of an individual’s connection with their music by fostering personalization, sharing and creativity.  With CÜR Music it’s not just about streaming, it’s about what the music means to you and how you want to express that to the world. For more information please visit www.curmusic.com.

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