Deadmau5 Announces ‘While (1<2)' New Double Album Release Date


Last week, Canadian Grammy-nominated EDM producer deadmau5 announced the release date for his upcoming 7th studio album, “While (1<2)”.

deadmau5-While (1<2) Release Date

deadmau5-While (1<2) Release Date

“While (1<2),” is programming code meaning “to loop indefinitely” or  listen indefinitely, while(1<2) will arrive June 17. It will be a two-disc, 25 track effort that follows deadmau5’s 2012 “Album Title Goes Here.”

Declaring on Twitter last month that this is “the first album I’ve ever done that i would even call an album… it’s put together like an album, not a compilation,”.

An interview with Rolling Stone last May, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) revealed that demo track “Satellite” featured guest vocals from his fiancee Kat Von D; he said: While (1<2)” would contain “fresh stuff that’s going to attract new fans” and “a couple of tracks that are quite radio-friendly, not even dance music, that [I’m] going to put out as singles.”

While(1<2) will be available for ore-order on iTunes May 20 2014, but fans on will be able to hear first single “Avaritia,” sooner if they pre order thru deadmau5’s private subscription service website.