DJs This Is Why You Should Never Piss Off The Lights Tech [Video]

The Main Problem With Mainstream EDM Festivals


EDM news has been so serious lately with the major record labels bullying Soundcloud and Spotify, Why so serious EDM industry? It’s time to lighten the news up a bit with some EDM comedy.

Lights are a simple, yet very effective way to emphasize certain parts of a DJs set. For example lights moving slow and calm on the break of a song, then on a build up/drop the lights go crazy;  Erm, well at least for DJs who dont piss off the club’s lighting technician and crew before their set for the night.

Watch below this hilarious video of a DJ who got his lights shut off right at the climax of his set; He then begins flailing his little arms around on stage, enthusiastically pumping, unaware his set looks very weak, and boring.

Should he have been nicer?


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