DJ “Showers” EDM Fans in Club with 100 $1 Bills



Our first thought when we saw this was we couldn’t believe it, But yeah we’ve seen just about everything in the EDM industry now.

We never thought we would see the day, but we just did.

After playing in a club in Chicago, Illinois this guy pulled a Davvincii and decided he would take the initiative to “Shower” one hundred, $1 bills everywhere.

From Twitter:


Is this just another way to try and get a little 15 minutes of fame?

Most likely. Was it clever marketing? Not really. But If this is the new trend for electronic dance music were going to need a bigger puke bucket here at EDM Ranks.

I wonder how much money DJ SADHU’s fans got when he made it rain with one hundred $1 dollar bills? $1? $2? Maybe $3? Wait! Surely some one got at least $5 from this?

Theres nothing worse than trying to take focus away from music, and ‘Make it rain”.. When your only sole purpose as a DJ is to Play Music. That’s what people come for, the music, to dance. Not free money or bribes.

Another famous DJ attempted this same idea, and it backfired as-well.

Upcoming DJ’s do us all a favor, Keep it professional. About your music. Nothing else.

In a move intended as a “thank you” to his fans, aka the Chipotle Gang, Carnage mixed in $10,000 in single dollar bills with his confetti blasters at his show in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom on Saturday. At first, this seems like a pretty awesome way to give back to his supporters, but after realizing there were over 5,000 people in attendance and after doing some simple math, that equates to $2 per person. One also has to realize that attendees were more than likely fighting each other over the money flying through the air. So what do you think? Is this a genuine and respectful way to thank his fans? Or is it more of a publicity stint?

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