EDM Promotion for Artists and DJs

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Welcome to EDM Ranks, A New Beginning

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EDM Promotion

Here are the different ways you can begin to promote your edm songs on EDM Ranks.

You will need to create a free profileĀ  if you want to do any of the edm promotion packages below.


  1. Free Profile Upload your song into any group here and share it with thousands of fans, artists, producers, record labels, djs and more!
    This promotion is free. 

  2. Promote your song (Gold Promotion)- Promote your best edm songs with the gold ‘Promote’ song button, this will publish your song to the EDMRanks.com homepage for three days. This also puts your song back on-top of the social network’s activity feed for all to see in the stream.
    (Go to your profile, find the song you want to promote and click the gold promote button)
    This promotion is not free.

  3. Submit your edm songs (Plutonium Promotion) Go big and take your edm promotion nuclear. Submit your edm song to EDM Ranks for a chance at getting featured on the blog and social media accounts.
    This promotion is not free.