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It’s no longer a secret that some famous EDM DJs and EDM artists use ghost producers.

These artists and DJ’s who buy their tracks are the same ones who buy their fame. A ghost produced track can cost a Fake DJ anywhere from $2,000-$100,000. With the higher number being the cost to buy a hit song and get some fame.

Many artists think that getting signed to a record label is the main goal… when it’s not.

The only time when you should be trying to get a song signed to a record label is when you know you have a really really awesome song. There is no rush. Take your time on producing quality tracks that you can listen to 100 times and still love it. Those are the tracks you should be looking to get signed, and chances are, they will get signed. When you do get tracks signed its always important to remember to not let your head get too big.

As a real DJ/artist, You should always be producing music because or mixing because you love to do it, these are when you will produce your best songs.

Getting signed on a record label doesn’t mean your automatically famous. But it does mean you will get some extra fans. All the record labels are really doing these days is just taking your .WAV or .Mp3 file and are releasing it to the world to download off iTunes, Amazon, Beatport and many other online music stores. Check out Tunecore or CD baby and release your own music to the world and keep 100% of the money.

Fans not doing enough research on their favorite EDM artists

What if i told you that.. some, Okay, A lot, Of your favorite Top EDM songs were NOT produced by the artists whose name is on the song title.

“I dont care”

You might say…

But, You should…

Because the mentality of ‘not caring‘ and supporting Fake EDM artists who buy their songs from Ghost producers is crushing the EDM industry, Its’ EDM’s creative crisis, It’s not just music piracy & music streaming anymore.

Read the two linked articles above to get a full understanding of the current state of EDM in 2015.

So how do I find out if a DJ is buying ghost produced tracks?

Well there are many way to spot a fake DJ or artist.

One way is to just head over to the ASCAP website and search either by song title or artist name.

The ASCAP website (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)  is home to the greatest names in American music, past and present — from Katy Perry, to Jay-Z,  Beyoncé, Hans Zimmer and thousands more musicians. The ASCAP is a membership association of more than 520,000 US composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers of every kind of music.

Not always will ASCAP be able to tell you, but a majority of the time it can. Its ultimately up to you to decide by doing your own research though.