EPIC Festival 2014: Miami Florida



EPIC Festival is a new emerging underground EDM festival,

Taking place August 30th, 2014 at the Fair Expo Center in Miami, Florida, Labor Day Weekend.

EPIC Music Festival 2014

EPIC festival was created for true electronic music fans.

The music festival is a one day event, lasting 15 hours.

The EPIC festival lineup is not your typical mainstream DJs and Live Acts.

The culture of EPIC festival is about the good music, great vibes, and fans who don’t follow the hype.

EPIC Festival artist’s have been strategically picked, which means fans get to experience a very unique lineup of underground producers and dj’s, along with a few professionals.

Below we have highlighted our top 3 acts that you dont want to miss for this festival,

George Acosta, Bobby Duque, & Xplicid.

Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Xplicid below.

George Acosta:

george acosta

George Acosta

We all know George is not a newcomer to the EDM scene, With 12 albums under his belt, and performing next to some of the biggest acts like ATB,

George Acosta is definitely one to please a crowd.

Check out more of George Acosta: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Bobby Duque:

bobby duque

Bobby Duque

Bobby Duque gives a whole new meaning to the term rising star.

Bobby showed an interest in music at a young age while watching his family play music at home and at festivals.

Music is definitely a staple in Bobby’s household.

When not commanding the stage, Bobby is the studio, collaborating with some of the top names in Electronic music and Fresh new Talent.

He’s been rocking audiences and shows into a frenzy from Los Angeles to New York and as far away as Japan and Canada.

Bobby’s high-energy performances include stunning original tracks in Electro-House, Dubstep, Moombah, Rockstep and many other styles.

Bobby brings a fusion of powerful rock influences, heavy bass, soaring keys and melodies that allow him to create an original sound of his own.

Check out more of Bobby Duque: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud




Xplicid is an up and coming DJ/Producer out of Hialeah, FL. He doesn’t say much about himself,

So when he plays a set, He lets his music do the talking for him.

EDM Ranks caught up with Xplicid for an exclusive interview: Found only here at EDM Ranks.

Whats your background story?

I started out djing maybe 3 years ago, I figured the best way to get known is to throw my own parties so I did that & then I started getting calls to dj gigs & that’s when I moved up to club events and this august I’m playing my first electronic festival

When did you begin producing?

Well it wasn’t till 8 months ago that I decided I wanted to start producing. I’m a drummer and I knew how to play a bit of guitar and piano so that really helped when I started. I still have a lot to learn but it’s not easy in my area because I’m really the only one that does this around here.


What daw do you like to produce with?

I use Ableton live.


Xplicid plays for the love of the music and anything that comes additional is an added bonus he says.

If Xplicid keeps producing songs like these, He could very well be on his way to playing at a major music festival, like Ultra.

Check out more of Xplicid: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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