Esquadra – Positionalbum

ESQUADRA minimal house producers


Esquadra is a minimal tech house duo from Spain, Cue the techno and keep reading.

The song above is a preview from their album ‘Positionalbum‘. Positionalbum has 41 tracks, ‘Tallarines Western’ is one of them.

ESQUADRA has a style similar to Stimming, If you are looking for quality techno sounds and minimal music ESQUADRA will deliver. ESQUADRA carries a heavy Influence of underground german techno combined with groovy Ibiza sounds that make you want to keep dancing and never stop.

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Big Bass, rhymtiatic drums, and unique sounds make this techno/minimal house duo a new threat on the EDM scene.

ESQUADRA also has some pretty cool music videos on youtube.

MARTIN VON AUEN – Smooth Orleans (ESQUADRA remix)

ESQUADRA Soundcloud:

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