Why James Alex Fields Might Be Found Innocent


The Charlottesville, VA protests have been a main topic in the news spotlight lately, mostly because of the violence.

Like when James Alex Fields (20) From Ohio drove into a crowd full of people running some over, injuring 19, and killing one.

Racism is no doubt a very bad thing, as many have said James did this out of pure anger and hate. Maybe so, only time will tell.

But lets not forget to try and get the full story and all the facts.


Clearly from the picture of his Dodge Charger above you can see this was a horrific event, as blood spots are still spattered all over the hood of the car.

Anyone in their right mind knows this is sickening and no one deserves this. But sadly these are the crazy types of things that happen in 2017 because more and more people are loosing their ability to communicate their thoughts intelligently and peacefully.

James Fields now seeks charges for

  • hit and run
  • 2nd degree murder, and
  • malicious wounding.

All of which he could possibly be found innocent of. Or possibly a much lesser charge.Β  Because it depends on a lot of different shit right now. Such as one for starters, whether he hires a good attorney or not. Keep reading.

But how did this all start?

Well it all started with protest, protests of people wanting to move a Robert E Lee statue, and then apparently pro supporters of the statue showed up. Specifically some Americans want the Robert E. LeeΒ  statue removed from its current place and located to a new location.

Apparently Things were still peaceful for the protest, for the most part until the police quit enforcing the and keeping a dividing line separating the protesters from each other, this is when things got more out of control.

The Right to Free Thought

That’s cool everyone has the right to think what they want too in America. In America the people tell the Government what to do. In England the government tells the people what to do. Today there are still many countrries fighting for their freedom like in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Venezuela.

Sadly, if people want to be Nazi’s in America, they have this right. That is what America is. Anyone can think what they want. Good or bad. But it can become a serious problem the minute your beliefs start to physically harm and hurt others.

Where Is The Line?

When you begin to take down Historical statues “because of xyz” this draws a fine very line for setting a precedent.

Should we all start to begin removing George Washington from every $1 bill because he was a slave owner? Where does one draw the line?

Human History Was Always Bloody

There is no doubt American history has been bloody, it has for sure, along with many of the worlds civilizations. It’s when we begin to forget who we are, what happened to us as humans, and where we come from that we begin to lose touch with all humanity.

Which leads to the next issue, when two political sides do no agree, violence seems to be unavoidable in the streets. Or was it all just a very tragic mistake? Started by the man swing the bat at James Dodge Charger?

James Alex Fields Full Video

Charlottesville, VA Saturday August 12th 2017.

James Alex Fields (20) From Ohio drives his black dodge charger over about 20 or 30 people, killing one.


Well the truth is no one will know except only the people that were there. Actually, false.

It was all recorded on Camera. In the video above and below.

Such as at :49 seconds in the video, when James black dodge charger is attacked first by what seems to be a male Antifa protester, who steps off the side walk and into the street to attack the the Dodge Charger.

Check out the video above, you will see the Biker at is not alarmed or scared of the car, until after some one on the left driver side of the car smashes a metal rod into the cars back windshield. Apparently upon hearing and seeing his car attacked James either panics or (we will never really know what the fuck happened or why) and steps on the gas, driving right into the crowd of people.

What would you do if you were James? What would you do if you were the protesters on the street?


The conclusion?

In America you have the right to respond with deadly force and self defense if you feel your property, home, or body is in immediate danger.


In the U.S., the general rule is that “[a] person is privileged to use such force as reasonably appears necessary to defend him or herself against an apparent threat of unlawful and immediate violence from another.



If James claims that he felt his life was in danger from the first protester who attacked his car, he could possibly be set free. Although, it does depend how the court case goes, how talented each attorneys are for each side, the selected Jurors, and many other factors.

What will happen next? Only time will tell.

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