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john mcgee, jinx mcgee electronic producer


Jinx McGee, real name (John McGee) plays a variety of different instruments, This American electronic producer from Austin, Texas has his own unique style of producing using chill beats, melodies and beautiful vocals to create a moving, Masterpiece that brings you in listening to every detail.

Over the last ten years, Jinx has been playing lead guitar with various touring acts around the US and Europe, and during this time he developed a love of EDM producing on his computer whenever he could.

After several years, Jinx had this sweet collection of songs that feature various artists around the world.

The album is ten songs and features twelve vocalists. We think you will find it thoughtfully artistic.

In the fall of 2014, he released his debut album,”Enjoy Your Body“, which features complex electronic compositions accompanied by twelve vocalists from around the globe.

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