Jukely Unlimited, New Live Concert Matching App

jukely unlimited


Jukely is a new live concert connecting service that will magically match friends with upcoming concerts and help you start a conversation.

Jukely is bringing the same “Unlimited Streaming” Netflix business model to live concerts. Jukely Unlimited is a service that will allow you to find the most interesting live concerts in your city and use your phone as an instant ticket to get in.

Jukely analyzes music taste data across the social graph, and magically matches different friends (or friends of friends) with upcoming concerts near them.


You pick the show

Preview each artist. Check out the venues. Choose your favorite and we’ll email you a pass with the details to attend — for free.



We put you on the list

We make the arrangements with venues and promoters. All you have to do is show up.



With Jukely there is always a show to go to. For only $25 per month you can explore unlimited live concerts in your area. Jukely allows customers to cancel anytime. Jukely has received over $3 million in funding from early Spotify investors and also a former Warner Music executive.

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