Kaskade: “Michelle Phan being sued by Ultra Records”

ultra sues michelle phan


Internet celebrity Michelle Phan has a huge following on youtube. The 27 year old entrepreneur’s make-up instructional videos have earned her more than 6.6 million subscribers, who are at the center of a lawsuit filed by dance powerhouse Ultra Records.

Reuters reports, Ultra Records LLC and Ultra International Music Publishing LLC are suing Phan for copyright infringement, claiming she used music from several Ultra artists without a license in her videos.

According to the plaintiffs, Phan has been told she needs a a license “and yet continues to willfully infringe in blatant disregard of Plaintiff’s rights of ownership.”

Of the “dozens of infringements” cited on Phan, the majority is music released by progressive house producer Ryan Raddon, aka “Kaskade”.

Upon learning about the lawsuit filed by his former label, Raddon took to Twitter to voice his thoughts. (You can read the tweets below.)


Ultra’s action against Phan stands in contrast to the sentiments Raddon expressed on his Tumblr..

“Having the means to expose music to the masses is a deft tool to breathe new life into and promote a song,” he wrote in the entry titled Free the Music and the Creativity Will Flow.

”Make no mistake: exposing as many people as possible to music – all music – is a good thing. Everyone wins.”

Ultra Records is seeking an injunction to stop Phan using the label’s music, Reuters reports, “and either maximum statutory damages of $150,000 for each infringed work or unspecified damages to be determined.”

In the ‘Night Life Favorites’ video below, you’ll hear Kaskade’s “4AM” as the soundtrack. Here’s how Raddon plainly puts it: “When I signed with Ultra, I kissed goodbye forever the rights to own my music. They own it.”

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