LUNIZ – I Got Five On It (Dustin Lefholz Remix)

Dustin Lefholz


When i was younger, I was a huge fan of Hip-Hop, Old school stuff. Mostly 2 Pac and Biggie.

I cant stand the new crap on the radio. Today I listen to a lot of underground producers on Soundcloud, And found this today.

I have been saying hip hop and EDM dont mix for years, Never, Ever.. Have I found a hip hop song to sound good mixed into a electronic dance song. Until today.

Digital Vapor Music presents us Dustin Lefholz remix of ‘LUNIZ – I Got Five On It’

This EDM remix of ‘I Got Five On It’ is truly a masterpiece. So interesting and different. I was taken on a journey of the good old days and memory’s of the classic hip hop songs infused with the modern electronic sounds we all love to hear today.

Dustin also produces original electronic dance music as well. Check out the preview below to one of his albums.

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