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    Hello, fellow ranking members… Like most of you I’m sure, and EDM in general anymore, for that matter, I rarely “stay in the lines” when it comes to “coloring” a genre. Lately, I’ve been mostly producing vocal-ready, structured instrumentals for Hip Hop. However, I preserve my 90’s EDM roots [I had drinks w/ Paul Oakenfold & and handed Bad Boy Bill vinyls during a performance (by chance), for crying out loud… 😄]. This is why I proudly maintain the 622nd slot in our ranks (😄squared). Anyway, I’m not quite sure this track belongs in this group, anymore. At one time, damn straight it did… In fact, I’d argue it’s characteristics make up a fair portion of the root structure. I had such a blast laying it down, I wanted to share it with you. I hope you dig it.
    Now, tell me you can’t see Crockett and Tubbs fighting crime to this:

    • I once had a drink with Paul Oakenfold.. I think he spiked it with Rohypnol as when I came round I found a 12″ vinyl stuck where the sun don’t shine… Never again…

      • Lol… I was just trying to give a timeline of how long I’ve enjoyed EDM, smart-@$$… I can’t even listen to Oak, anymore; his music is sooo ‘dated.’ Which is why I used him as an example. I was also hoping to find some site members who could relate. And, don’t blame Paul. You’re the one who stuck his d*ck in a record hole (you said no sunshine, right..? You didn’t mention front or back. 😄)

    • lol im not sure what you guys are talking about but this made me laugh for sure

    • Can be a song on Stranger things i feel

      • Thank you… It really was fun to produce. Especially after grinding out Hip Hop & Trap beats, continuously. I like(d) Oak, too; I just can’t really do Trance, anymore. I’m old and it makes my sleepy.
        When Oak was still performing, on New Year’s Eve he would spin three sets; his label would fly him from London to Ibiza, and then on to Barcelona for the three. Tell me a DJ who gets that kind of treatment, these days…
        I think the Anarchist was just making a joke, and I took it as a bit of a jab, so I fired back.

      • You want to hear a Stranger Things (my fav. show) beat..? Check this one out;