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Bio Started back in circa 2007, Arthur D learned how to beat out simple hip hop rhythms which ultimately lead to learning how to create dance music within the world of house music a year or so later. For the next few years Arthur D underwent intense trial & error procedures to create "that sound" that exists in his and all house music today. The next evolution would be to be recognized by entities such as recordpools which happened in Dec, 2012 when Arthur D's 1st official release under Animal Dance Records (later changed to Animal DNA Records) got charted on Starfleet Music peaking at #23 in their January 2013 issue of the top #50 dance charts and #40 on their February top 50 charts at #40. With #1 spots spanning over only a few months in 2013 on and again in 2014 with the release of the promo track Countdown which was played by 's #6 top rated DJ in the world Dimitri Vegas' radio show. also during that year, Art, as his peers refer to him, was accepted by Pandora the exclusive music streaming service for a slew of his single tracks released on his then label Animal Dance Records. Now with 2015 being the here and Arthur D doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon when it comes to meeting his goal of being one of the new faces of electronic music in all its glory. "House music to hip hop. I love 'em all. I would really love to create and help cultivate a new market from all that I'm doing. I love making house music and hope that when people hear my music it opens up a world of intrigue for them and if there aren't any lyrics use your imagination". House music is feeling. An emotion".