UK’s Youngest Double Murders, Killers at 14

Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham photo from Facebook. Monday, April 11. Fourteen year old Lucas Markham begins walking to his girlfriends house of Kim Edwards. Kim’s house was located in a small market town of Spalding, Lincolnshire. In Lucas’s backpack he had a black T-shirt rolled up with four kitchen knifes inside. When he arrived […]

Can Businesses Refuse to Serve Cops?

A Recent Dunkin’ Donuts worker has been accused of refusing to serve New York Police officers. A pair of NYPD officers were denied service at a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts by a clerk who said, β€œI don’t serve cops” β€” and the head of the detectives union is leading a boycott of the chain, The Post […]

‘Perpetual Culture’ EDM Mix #018

Trailing Zero is celebrating his 3rd year as a DJ with residency at ATIK, a U.K. club inΒ Gloucester. We last featured Trialing Zero in his older DJ sets. This newer sexy electronic dance music mix is Episode #18 for Perpetual Culture and also celebrates Trailing Zero’s 3rd year anniversary DJing, Packed full with many of […]

Kim Jong Un Threatens Guam With Nukes

North Korea has stated they are finalizing plans to transport missile launchers closer near Guam and will be in position by Mid August 2017. Guam is only about 30 miles long and 4 miles across. This isolated island is home to many U.S troops and the Andersen Air Force Base/ Naval base Guam. Guam is […]