Jim Carrey Gives Funny/Bizarre E Interview “There is no me.. just things happening…clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.”

Earlier this week Jim Carrey gave an interesting celestial interview to an E Reporter at the New York Fashion Week. When asked some questions by Catt Sadler Jim Cary begins to circle around her and says β€œThere is no me” and β€œThere are just things happening and there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.” […]

TSAS Releases “WKLM” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Dino or aka TSAS (The Strange Algorithm Series) is an electronic music producer and performer from Portugal. You can find his songs on many labels across the globe like Sony Music, Epic Dance Records, Brimotek Music, Multikill Recordings and other various record labels. TSAS – WKLM Often exploring the boundaries between various styles, TSAS follows […]

The Future Of EDM

Soundcloud for EDM We are the worlds first electronic dance music social network. With a free profile you can share music from your Youtube, Soundcloud or Mixcloud, vote on songs, private message other members and much more! The EDM Network EDM Ranks is an EDM social network for any electronic music enthusiast who shares one […]